TalkENG Launches Official App to Boost English Speaking Fluency

· The incubatee company at Supreme Incubator aims to inculcate enhanced English language skills with the new app.

· The revolutionary app also seeks to create mass scale employment opportunities for the youth.

“TalkENG” launches their official app with the aim to improve the quality of English communication and fluency in the new generation while creating over 50,000 jobs in the next 18 months. Built as a unique mobile app that aims to transform the process of learning any language, the start-up is starting with English for the next million users in India. 

“TalkENG” is an incubatee company at Supreme Incubator – a pre-seed incubation program for early-stage start-ups across India. In the program, the start-up has found their dedicated advisor and successfully built their launch strategy. With a strong experienced founding team, and guided by Mr.  Sandeep Deshpande, Managing Partner Finopsyst as their Advisor, TalkENG is setting out to change the way English is learnt.

A Pune-based company, the venture was started with the ambition of furnishing learners with perfect fluency in English as well as generating massive employment opportunities. Here, a learner will be provided with a tutor for 20-60 minutes of sessions every day to make them adept with proper fluency and complex sentence constructing skills in English within a span of 6 months. 

While sharing the reason behind his start-up and from where this idea germinated, Mr. Subhra Deb, CEO, TalkENG, said, “I did my schooling in a small subdivision of Tripura where being fluent in English sounds like a dream to many. During my school days, there was no particular teacher for the subject, the science teachers used to take English classes. So, the foundation of learning a foreign language was not built strong then. Even when I was doing my engineering degree outside the State, I had to face many obstacles due to my lack of fluency in English and communication. Later, I noticed that there are a lot of students in the country like me. Most struggle to secure a job, despite having a brilliant academic record, only because of lack of proper communicating skills in English. This experience and problem over many years of my education and professional life brought me the idea of changing the stereotypical process of learning English to help anyone become fluent in English or any other language using a scientifically proven technique that guarantees to help anyone learn any language without the need to study grammar or focus on stock of words.”

He also added, “Prior to building TalkENG, I have always wished there was a platform to practice English speaking with Expert tutors at affordable price points rather than just taking up theoretical courses. Due to unavailability of any such platform, I decided to build TalkENG.”

The ‘one to one’ formula will not only help the learners, but will also encourage employability on a large scale. TalkENG aims to recruit 50,000 tutors in the next 18 months, which is a great opportunity for the youth to earn good money in a very short period of time, all from their smartphone.

A specially designed curriculum complementing the ‘One-on-One’ learning technique guarantees to help anyone master speaking any language as easily as their mother tongue. TalkENG is available for download from Google Play Store.

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