Spotted Peccary Music announces a Bandcamp Listening Party and Live Chat with Rudy Adrian

Thursday March 21st at 5 pm PST

Coming up on March 22, 2024, long-established Spotted Peccary Music artist Rudy Adrian delivers his latest masterpiece of calming, atmospheric soundscapes titled Reflections on a Moonlit Lake, an echo of his landmark album MOONWATERPre-ordering is available now.

As a special 30-day promotion, a limited edition CD of MoonWater will be included for free with physical shipments of Reflections on a Moonlit Lake, available exclusively through Bandcamp and the Spotted Peccary Music web store at

Vividly rendered and effortlessly serene, these compositions eschew vocals and even melody, but never emotion or complexity. Adrian meticulously recreates scenes of natural tranquility: a warm texture becomes the wind through trees, gentle piano becomes rainfall on water, flute trills become distant bird calls. It’s a world of sound extruded from the depths of the Southern Hemisphere.

“Reflections on a Moonlit Lake”, like much of Adrian’s work, evokes visuals in the listener: chimes shimmer as bright and nebulous images floating over sampled waves and ethereal synthesizer tones in “Dawn Across the Southern Ocean.” A warm chord rises from this interplay, a paean to the rising sun. On “Lunar Shadow,” sparse piano notes ebb and flow across textures like the Moon-bound tides.

This 11 track album is a spiritual successor to Adrian’s early releases “The Healing Lake”, “MoonWater”, and “Twilight”, realized as a return to these common themes and inspirations, but with new perspectives that musical maturity can often manifest.

In the composer’s own words, these pieces are “quiet accompaniment for the listener as they rest, read, meditate or sleep.” With “Reflections on a Moonlit Lake”, Rudy Adrian once again draws from the natural world and his own daring imagination, to create a companion piece to the subtler qualities of life and relaxation, a formidable respite for the restless mind.

Track List:
1. Mirror Island – 3:10
2. Dawn Across the Southern Ocean (remix) – 5:32
3. Papanui Lagoon (remix) – 3:50
4. Lunar Shadow – 3:47
5. Tantalised – 2:48
6. The Belt of Orion – 6:11
7. Midnight Angel – 4:15
8. Within the Darkness – 4:10
9. Rising Moon – 7:51
10. Reflections on a Moonlit Lake – 4:51
11. Summer Night Rain – 7:54

Join us on March 23rd to ask Rudy Adrian about his musical legacy and Reflections on a Moonlit Lake by logging into the Listening Party at

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