Soul Land Records to release “Love Serve Remember: Reimagined”

Due Out: December 7, 2023

Featured Single with Music Video: 

 “Heart Song” by Ram Dass x John Pattern

Available across platforms here.

Soul Land Records announces a new compilation; Love Serve Remember: Reimagined out December 7  – a collection of new Ram Dass songs and musical renderings in collaboration with musicians The Human Experience, Liquid Bloom, and John Pattern. The tracks collectively celebrate the 50th anniversary of an expansive collection of Ram Dass radio conversations, readings, and music that first took form as the six-LP box set, Love Serve Remember, in 1973.

“I listen to hear the Divine plan, and all I have to do is remember to love everyone, serve everyone and remember God” 

 – Ram Dass

The collection of songs on this album vary in mood and instrumentation but are interconnected threads of the same cloth. The three artists weave these archival fifty-year-old recordings of Ram Dass with fresh musical landscapes, and diverse instrumentation. 

With the announcement, Soul Land Records shares the first compilation singles, Heart Songfrom Ram Dass and John Pattern, and The Great Way,from Ram Dass’ original reading of the 3rd Chinese Patriarch of Zen; released November 22nd and 29th – respectively.

Love Serve Remember: Reimagined  – Track Listing:

  1. Ram Dass, John Pattern – My Heart Song
  2. Ram Dass, John Pattern – Equanimity and Peace
  3. Ram Dass, Liquid Bloom – Opening Reimagined (feat. Moondrop)
  4. Ram Dass, John PatternWe All Come From God Remix
  5. Ram Dass, The Human Experience – The Great Way

Featured Singles:

AVAILABLE:  November 22, 2023

“My Heart Song” 

Ram Dass x John Pattern

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Single Artwork (Hi-Res Download)

Listen, listen, listen, to “My Heart Song, sings Ram Dass in the premiere single on the new Love Serve Remember: Reimagined LP.  Musician John Pattern took this archival 1986 recording of Ram Dass singing and transformed it into a musical love letter to the spiritual heart. Synths rise and fall, and while the instrumentation remains lush and elating, Ram Dass and John Pattern bring you to the essence of love, and into the path of the heart.”

John is a psychotherapist in Utah specializing in a holistic approach to trauma, addiction, and overall mental health. He uses music as a therapeutic medium to convey spiritual messages that uplift and inspire. 

“Thank you Mangala and the LSRF team for inviting me to share in this beautiful project. Ram Dass has a special place in my heart and is someone I strive to pattern my life after.” – John Pattern

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“The Great Way” 

Ram Dass x The Human Experience

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AVAILABLE: November, 29 2022


Single Artwork (Hi-Res Download)

The Great Way is the second single from Love Serve Remember: Reimagined, a new five-track vinyl EP. The song is a seventeen-minute meditative journey from The Human Experience, featuring Ram Dass reading the Third Chinese Patriarch of Zen, originally shared on the original Love Serve Remember LP set that came out in 1973. 

Opening with reverb-laden synths, and ambient natural soundscapes. Ram Dass’ voice echoes as part of the rich harmonics, as if speaking in a cavern from some liminal space: “Stop talking and thinking, and there is nothing you will not be able to know.” Textures and moods shapeshift as the track evolves, The Human Experience traversing challenging sonic territory with Ram Dass and the listener. “To return to the root is to find meaning, but to pursue appearances is to miss the source.” This is a call to quiet, and in that sense, “The Great Way” is a vehicle for deep listening.

“Certain musicians are doing karma yoga…it’s like listening to that inner-sound, and they are manifesting it. Someone else can use that as a key to go back into themselves, and where we meet is in this other level of sound.” 

 – Ram Dass

“THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” is David Block’s principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats. Whether performing by himself, or with a live band, “The Human Experience” always delivers an emotionally charged show. David has collaborated with artists all over the world including Rising Appalachia and Random Rab (previously featured on the Ram Dass Soul Land Music Series), Ignacio Perez (Buena Vista Social Club), William Close (The Earth Harp), Elephant Revival and many others.

His music has been featured on NBC prime time TV and is beginning to make its way into the world of cinema. David is consistently redefining himself as an artist, performer, and human being. Moving and traveling around the world, meeting people from all walks of life and realms of consciousness, he is continually learning, growing, and sharing inspiration with those around him.

“We don’t play music, music plays us.”

 – David Block

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Love Serve Remember: Reimagined

Available everywhere: December 7, 2023

(Hi-Res Download)

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