Parimatch Introduces Its Official Brand Hero: LAKHY THE TIGER

Parimatch, a leading name in the iGaming industry, is honored and proud to introduce its newest addition to the family—a Mascot named LAKHY THE TIGER. It’s the first time an iGaming company in the Asian market is presenting its brand hero to the audience. LAKHY, born in the virtual world of Parimatch, serves as a guide to the exciting world of entertainment, sharing life hacks, and demonstrating how to get the most out of the game.

Meet LAHKY: Appearance and Personality Half-human, half-tiger, LAKHY wears a helmet and leather outfit in Parimatch’s brand colors. He rides a streetfighter motorbike. All this symbolizes the thrilling world of speed and adrenaline he lives in. LAKHY is all about confidence and risk-taking. He is a quick learner, a visionary, and a techno-geek. He personifies Parimatch’s technological superiority and expertise.

LAKHY’s energy, self-confidence, and competitive spirit make him the ideal representation of Parimatch’s commitment to competition and winning. The Symbol of Speed and Treasure Hunting In Asia, the tiger holds a symbolic meaning of Good Luck, Prosperity, Power, and Courage. It personifies a brave winner, a determinate champion—and those are the first words to describe LAKHY. Like a true hunter, he resonates with Parimatch users who chase thrilling emotions and prizes, too. The choice of the tiger as Parimatch brand symbol also signifies speed, mirroring the fast and efficient experience offered by Parimatch’s platform.

Mascot’s Mission: Guiding You to Success LAKHY is more than a symbol; he’s the roaring heart of Parimatch’s commitment to excellence and success. He’s also a PRO user of Parimatch. With his wealth of experience, LAKHY expertly guides users through the platform’s features and functionalities, like a seasoned mentor who has already conquered the game. He’ll unveil the brand’s coolest features and share gaming tips and tricks.

With LAKHY by their side, Parimatch users are guaranteed to stay ahead of the curve! The mascot will accompany you at every part of the gaming journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll discover something new that will add an extra layer of excitement. Parimatch is happy to have LAKHY THE TIGER as its brand hero, and can’t wait for its users to join on this incredible journey of winning. With a dedicated focus on enhancing the user experience to the highest level, introducing a mascot is one of the steps in this direction.

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