Serial entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur is one who engages in a line of entrepreneurial activities following the start-up venture. In simple words, this word means a person who starts and runs many businesses parallel to each other. A serial entrepreneur always comes up with new ideas and evolving concepts of business. He or she starts a venture, stabilises it, entrusts the responsibility to someone and then proceeds to the next one. The term serial entrepreneur is in contrast to the term typical entrepreneur that suggests visualising an idea, starting a business venture and fully confining to administering and promoting it.

Serial entrepreneurial activity is indeed a welcoming one from the point of view of the growth of the entrepreneur and the emergence of new businesses and new jobs. However, one downside to it is the stability of the business under the manager’s care. A serial entrepreneur must ensure that he or she stabilises a given venture and systematically monitors it before and while starting a new venture. This is crucial for the success of the businesses started earlier. He or she must be present at the scene when he or she is crucially expected to do so. After all, none else would be more worried about the prospects of a given business than the entrepreneur who started it.

Serial entrepreneurs however demonstrate more self-confidence than typical entrepreneurs. Their level of taking up risks and facing challenges is more than the typical entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur always reveals his or her preparedness to work with new opportunities, newer technologies and newer markets in the pursuit of growth and profitability.


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