An Online Platform conceptualized by a Companion Animal Nutritionist in India

Anjali Kalachand, a Companion Animal Nutritionist and Sachin Shetty, hailing from the food industry announce the launch of A Petter Life – an e-commerce platform for pets that brings to you products that are selected and curated by people who love your pets as much as you do and understand the importance of having a healthy and a happy animal companion. At the outset, A Petter Life brings to you a unique offering that no other portal does – they recognize that your pooch is an individual of his own and they cater specifically to its needs. A Petter Life provides, amongst other things, a calorie calculator for the ideal daily food intake of your dog, breed specific products, and holistic remedies for ailments. This ensures a quality of life like no other. What else do we want for them!

Anjali Kalachand and Sachin Shetty, both pet-parents, identified a gap in the petcare market. While there are hundreds of products available for pets, choosing the right product by understanding their breed, daily requirements, age, etc. is a daunting challenge. A Petter Life understands that every dog is different and for them to thrive it is pertinent to make the correct choices. This could pertain to nutrition, the grooming products they use, or even the accessories. Don’t we all wish that our pets lead a healthy, stress free and a long life?

The interface of the platform is designed comprehensively for an informed buying experience. The dilemma that a pet parent faces for the diet of their pet, can be tackled with the free calorie calculator and nutritional guidelines offered on the website. For those that would require a comprehensive diet chart, they can consult with the nutritionists on-board who will further suggest diet plans, supplements, etc. after taking into account the requisite factors of each dog.

On the launch Ms. Anjali Kalachand, Co-Founder of A Petter Life said- “With A Petter Life our efforts will be to educate pet parents and provide a holistic platform for them. We did an extensive research on around 40 breeds of dogs to understand their characteristics and ailments that certain breeds are predisposed to. We acknowledge that each dog is different and deserves to lead a wholesome and full life. A Petter Life is the platform to seek guidance, customize solutions and shop the right products hassle free for your pets. We have also tied up with several homegrown businesses that do not find shelf space in large stores in order that we widen our product and brand range while ensuring the best quality.”

There are certain ailments that require the vet’s attention; however allopathic remedies can also go hand in hand with holistic remedies. This course of action in no way replicates or eliminates the need for a vet, but can go along simultaneously to maximise healing and minimize the damage caused by overmedication. A Petter Life has identified more than 50 ailments, and have given holistic solutions along with products for each ailment to aid a pet parent heal their fur baby naturally. For those dependent on commercial pet food, A Petter Life has listed quality pet food that are often recommended by Vets.

As A Petter Life ventures in the canine-wellness segment, they are working on and shall be launching a section for feline care in the upcoming months.

A Petter Life is the answer to the numerous queries that pet parents in India have had for the longest time. 2020 finally got better for our fur babies!

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