OUT NOW! ANIN by Gustav Davidson

“Anin” is the new recording project of Gustav Davidsson, Swedish producer and musician. The work is available on vinyl, on all digital streaming platforms and on bluespiralrecords.com .

Album description:

Anin is a collection of 9 songs based on minimalist ideas, floating in massive sounds. This album is a very humble and honest work of art, just as Gustav sounds and understands music, with no safety walls or intellectual purposes. The pieces were recorded during an uncertain time and elaborate feelings of loss and questions about the direction of life, through minimalist improvisations that are treated in subtle post-production.

The artist:

Gustav Davidsson is a Swedish producer and musician. His solo work is mainly based on the piano, working on minimalist compositional ideas, reverb, improvisation and a desire for inner peace, through sound. He started as a child by spending time playing the family grand piano, improvising, composing and being amazed by the impressive and spacious sound of that instrument. He therefore strove to explore this sound both in the piano and through other means. After studying improvisation in the most renowned Swedish schools he took part in the country’s music scene, mainly around improvised and neoclassical music. He also runs a studio (Studio Glasfågeln) where he mainly records acoustic music. Now he is on a sort of introspective journey where he intends to abandon intellectual goals in the function of a music that is most close to his heart.


Performed, recorded and mastered by Gustav Davidsson
Artwork: BeatArt

Useful links to listen to the work:

Digital platforms ► https://album.link/s/3aWJrCENk0CttJl9k62Zi8

Blue Spiral Records ► https://www.bluespiralrecords.com/anin

~ Buy vinyl here!

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