On occasion of Mothers day, WATW discusses role of working moms during Covid era

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, We Are The Writers (WATW), India’s leading content writing agency celebrated this date by honouring those mothers who are earning their livelihood & handling their kids/toddlers at the same time through our event – “The magical working moms of the covid era”. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, day-to-day life has been affected for both kids & mothers alike. Adapting to the new normal has certainly been a struggle for everyone. 

As Work from Home (WFH) has blurred the boundaries between office & home, We Are The Writers (WATW) utilized its platform to conduct online discussions with working moms from across the country & abroad. Several important issues were discussed like handling children and work at the same time, the role of the husband, managing screen time of the children and the importance of psychological well-being.

In the earlier times, it was engraved in stone that only male member is supposed to work in a family and the women would play the role of a homemaker. Some people believed that a “good mother” gives up work to stay home alongside their children; however, no scientific evidence to date has proved that children are harmed when their mother works. However, in the present time, these ideas have become archaic and the role of women is much more important in today’s date.

Tejaswinee Barua, a Senior Business Analyst based in Brisbane, Australia commented that children can be very challenging to handle sometimes especially during this pandemic, however, their laughter and happiness at the end of the day makes everything worthwhile.

Co-Founder Neisedeu Sabiana Anandaraj explains that this is a difficult time for all of us, one should stop being a compulsive social media follower- avoid negative news, and try to achieve a positive frame of mind.

Co-founder of bakery Cherry on Tops, Indrani Barua mentioned that time-management is very important, as one have to handle literally all the activities while staying at home.

WATW co-founder Sayantini Bhandari pointed out that her company is like her child too which needs to be taken care of such that it can grow in the right direction. She believes that one needs to maintain balance to organize their day.

WATW is a leading content writing agency that provides a myriad range of services including writing, designing & development, marketing & branding, and consultation. Founded in 2019 by Sayantini Bhandari and Udit Bhan, WATW consists of a group of professionals who are prime entities in creating and composing content that comes to the quest for your business and boundaries. 

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