Inflection Point Ventures leads the early fundraising for Creanovation Technologies in the Edtech space

The 2.0 Million USD in funding for Creanovation Technologies in the Edtech sector is being led by Inflection Point Ventures.

धne of the fastest growing digital transformation enablers, serving educational institutions – Creanovation Technologies Private Limited (CTPL), has secured 2 million USD, as a mix of dilutive & non-dilutive capital by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) & Recur Club.

Ankur Mittal, Co-founder & COO, Inflection Point Ventures said “CTPL is unlocking immense value for educational institutions by capitalising on the huge void existing in the space of admissions. With this new phase, post- Covid digital transformation is the need of the hour. With a customer retention of 100%, CTPL is driving admissions for its partner institutes both digitally and offline through its proprietary platforms, people & unique blend of digital and offline network.  We can certainly say that with their huge experience of the education ecosystem, they have created unique tools and processes to lead the transformation”

“While there has been a lot of innovation in the consumer-facing Ed-tech businesses, Education infra across schools and colleges is still lacking digitisation and CTPL’s full-stack solution is addressing that niche” said Eklavya Gupta, founder of Recur Club. Recur Club is India’s largest Recurring Revenue Financing platform that helps companies convert their recurring revenue streams into instant and upfront growth capital. CTPL is looking at Recur Club as a long-term growth partner to fund their future growth.

By 2030, the admissions space is predicted to increase by 75%, and this market segment has a tremendous amount of potential. The ecology surrounding education now includes technology at its core. All parties, including educators and learners, look for the most up-to-date resources. Institutions are evolving and rethinking how Technology is used in education and its scalability.

“Bikash & his team have been diligently working towards enabling better practices through technology & process innovation to empower our admissions for the last 3 years”, says Er. Onkar Bagaria, Trustee, Vivekananda Global University, a NAAC A+ rated institution. With a clear focus on adaptability to newer problems and solving them through technology, CTPL has been a preferred partner for us to drive new digital initiatives for Admissions & launch of new programmes, says Onkar Bagaria.

Creanovation Technologies Private Limited (CTPL) is planning to utilize its fresh funds to digitally transform more campuses across the country and heavily leverage their admission numbers.“ In light of the major shift in perspective among ‘Gen Z’ youth about their life goals and careers, as well as what influences them, the education industry post-Covid needs to adapt to new technologies, new programs, and the use of the proper tools to meet the changing behaviours of the new generation. This is exactly where CTPL helps education institutions and lead their transformation, “said Bikash Sahoo – Founder of

Founded in 2019, Creanovation Technologies Private Limited (CTPL) has seen a massive 5-fold growth and is now recognised for increasing the competitive index of Universities/ colleges through technology platform/s, digital admissions, and various nextgen programs.

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