Diane Arkenstone, for over 20 years a pioneering musical force in a variety of genres, is set to release her third in a series of singles focusing on health, wellness and mindfulness, “Hold On To Hope.” The track is a meditation on persevering through even the darkest of times, something Diane is keenly aware of having triumphed through a series of health challenges.  The beautiful piano theme is accentuated with uplifting vocalizations that are truly transportive.  Arkenstone created both a nature-themed video to accompany the track as well as a poem that evokes the supportive mission of the composition. The song will be released digitally on July 23 via her label Neo Pacifica.

Says Arkenstone of the track, “A little bit of hope can carry us through a dark time. I wrote this song to help shine a light in my life, and to shine a light for others. This song speaks, what is felt in the heart.” She continues, “Music and nature have each been powerful healing forces for me. I wrote music to soothe myself mentally and physically. The vibration and energy of music helps balance me in body, mind and spirit.”

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/rUTbB7dP9oA

Following is her companion poem—watch the accompanying Haley Monson video here: https://youtu.be/_ifZPpL4SUE

Hold On To Hope

Darling one 

When there is no other way 

And all has slipped from your life but the darkness

Hold on to hope 

There you will find your light

Your strength, your soul 

Hold it in your heart 

For nothing can take it from you

If you are broken, you can mend

As something beautiful grows inside

And you will know you are not alone

And never unloved 

You deserve love 

You deserve hope

You deserve a healed heart 

Come home to yourself, let everything heal                                                        

It was always meant to be

For you were always meant to be.


For well over 20 years, musician Diane Arkenstone has gained worldwide acclaim with her extensive repertoire of distinctive instrumental recordings which garnered much success within the ambient, health and wellness circles.  Arkenstone has incredible success with Neo Pacifica, the independent label she launched in the late 90’s. Yet at heart, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist–who recalls penning her first song at age three, four years before she first picked up an acoustic guitar—has always been a soulful storyteller, passionate and artful at weaving emotions through a perfect blend of graceful melodies and poetic words.

Arkenstone’s ongoing flow of songwriting energy also stems in part from a wealth of unique life experiences, including everything from the joys and heartbreaks of love to a lifetime of hardship and survival due to various medical ailments related to the complete AV block in her heart. Having recently had open heart surgery and the installation of her sixth pacemaker, and enduring 34 surgeries for heart, lung and kidneys starting in her early childhood, she is very much in tune with the sacredness of life; in 2004, she was an official spokesperson for the American Heart Association. One of the reasons Arkenstone took up guitar as a child was the fact that she could hold it close to her chest and feel the healing vibration of the strings and the wood against her body. While she trained as an opera singer and started singing in local clubs around Central California when she was 16, she ultimately chose modern instrumentals as a musical pathway because it was so “beautiful and healing for me.”

Arkenstone’s success in that genre and the related realms of Celtic, global and Native American music is unparalleled, both as a recording artist and label/owner entrepreneur. Having seen the difficulties her then-husband and frequent musical partner David Arkenstone was having being treated and compensated fairly by the labels he had signed with, Diane—without any formal business training—launched Neo Pacifica Recordings and her publishing company Mulamu Music, with the simple goal of releasing their own music.

She has never let the lines of genre stop her from exploring the depths of music and where it can take her.

Presave: https://orcd.co/arkenstoneholdhope

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