How To Save Water At Construction Sites

Construction is one of the main activities that require a lot of water. Without water, no modern construction is possible today. Also, the amount of water needed for construction is much more than what is needed for other activities. Not all construction sites enjoy access to water. Some construction projects even buy water in tankers. Hence the topic of conserving water at the construction sites is more important. By conserving water during construction, you can also minimize the spending on the project and save a good amount of money. Over and above, saving water during construction is also an important move in doing your bit tot eh environment. Here are a few ways to save water at the construction sites.

Tips to save water at construction sites

Though you might be enthusiastic and committed to save water as the owner of the site or contractor, ultimately you can realize your purpose only by motivating the commitment of the construction workers towards this objective. Hence it is important to educate them first on the importance of saving water. Supervise the worksite from time to time and find out if the workers are found wasting water in some ways. If you notice any such instances, talk to them for corrective measures.

Check the quality of hoses

Ensure that the hoses you use at the construction site are free of any holes and cracks. Water wastage through the hose cracks can lead to a large amount of water wastage. Fit the hose heads with trigger guns. They can control the output of water and ensure a steady flow allowing a significant saving of water. Ensure that the hoses are not left running when the water is not being used.

Cover the construction structures

Cover the construction structure with jute bag or plastic sheets in order to prevent the evaporation of water. When you will have to sprinkle water on the concrete structures for curing to happen, covering the structures with jute bags can help retain the water for longer times and also aid the curing in a better way. This process will also reduce the number of times you will have to sprinkle the water on the structures.

Use the proper equipment for construction processes

Some of the activities for which you will need water at the construction sites include concrete mixing, wetting the dry surfaces, washing equipment, and others. Use the proper equipment for the different activities so that they aid in saving water.

Recycle the water

Arrange the drains in a proper way so that the water used for various construction activities can be recycled. Mixers used for preparing concrete can consume lesser water than while mixing it manually.

Use curing compound agent

Curing compound agent cures the concrete structures faster and it is a better alternative to water when you implement the practices to save water.

Install water meter

Installing water meters is a highly practical way to give a boost to your water conservation policy at the construction site. Measuring how much water is used up from time to time can help you decide if a water conservation plan is implemented properly. Identify the areas that are using up more water to introduce some corrective measures.

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