How To Reduce Plastic Use In Office

How to reduce plastic use in office

Plastic goods have proliferated in quantity. There is no domain in our life that the plastic has not touched. The versatile application of plastic cost-effective production and its convenient physical characteristics make this a highly preferred raw material for a variety of applications in our life. However, the biggest challenge comes when it comes to recycling plastic. The most concerning fact today is that only less than 7% of the plastic is recycled while the remaining is dumped somewhere finally to enter into the earth or to reach the oceans. The plastic left thus can make our environment unlivable in the long run.

How to reduce plastic use in office

Why talk of reducing plastic use in the office

Every office today depends on plastic for many reasons. Stationery, disposable items, furniture, catering needs, packaging, and decoration are some major heads that demand the use of plastic. Every office can do its bit to reduce plastic waste and can thus contribute to the green movement going on in the world today. Here is how your office can reduce plastic use.

Tips to reduce plastic use in the office

  • Switch your practices from depending on disposable items to reusable items.
  • Non-durable items contribute to a bulk of the wastage stream. It is good to save money and bring down waste by procuring reusable and refillable items.
  • Use only reusable tableware like plates, silverware, and mugs.
  • Go for cloth towels in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Go for refilling ink cartridges instead of buying new ones.
  • Invest in reusable coffee filters rather than use and throw ones.
  • Encourage the practice of using mechanical pencils and refillable pens.
  • Go for refillable tape dispensers. Go for erasable wall calendars that are undated.
  • Prefer metal clasps for envelopes rather than plastic ones.
  • Do not distribute water in disposable bottles during meetings. Instead, serve them in glasses.
  • When you order for supplies, specify that they are delivered only in reusable or recyclable packaging materials.
  • Always buy durable and energy-efficient bulbs that carry energy star rating.
  • Invest in a good quality branded items that come with warranty and fix up maintenance and service contracts so that you do your bit to extend the life of the products you use.
  • When you purchase electronic equipment, prefer those models that will work on alternative energy sources like solar power rather than those that will need batteries that are hazardous to dispose of.
  • While buying kitchen supplies, go for bulk quantities that will help reduce the wastage of packaging materials time and again.
  • It is good to donate the used items, furniture, and foods instead of throwing them out.
  • Organize for waste audit to check which sections of your firm are implementing the best waste management practices. Encourage those that are in line with your expectations and instruct the inefficient ones to follow the guidelines to minimize plastic use and waste disposal.
  • Encourage the staff to bring their homemade lunch in reusable containers rather than ordering for them from the local eateries that will supply them in disposable plastic bags.
  • Set up a tuck shop in the office that will sell goods that are free of plastic and in reusable packaging materials.

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