Explurger App Records Surge in Installations and User Registrations After Launch by Jitin Bhatia and Sonu Sood

250,000 Users Join Explurger In 20 Days | 650,000 Have Invited Over 90-Million Users

Explurger, an AI-powered intuitive social media app that lets users connect and share their moments with friends and family online, has announced the huge response it has received after its exciting launch by Jitin Bhatia and Sonu Sood. Within 20 days, Explurger has added 300,000 users to its fold, taking the tally to 650,000 from 50+ countries. The sign-up rate has also gone up from 45% to 80% after the launch, which is a testament to the social media app’s unique features and engaging user interface. 

Explurger is the first social media app that offers Rewards to its users for being active on the platform. It also gamifies the user experience; higher engagement pushes the Explurger level up, resulting in more recognition on the platform. It is the only social media app that automatically creates a personalized travelogue for each user. Every time a user creates a post or Explurge-in, the app’s Artificial Intelligence updates the Travelogue, so every mile, city, country, pub, and club gets added.

The increase in user registrations has also unearthed some interesting findings by Team Explurger:

  • Over 650,000 users have invited more than 90 million people to get on Explurger. This shows that people trust the platform and want their friends to join them there. 
  • 95% of those who have recorded 1,000+ miles or added more than 3 cities in their travelogues, are less likely to leave Explurger. This is a result of the high level of engagement it provides to users. 
  • Registered users spend 5.5 hours per month posting photos and videos to their Explurger travel profiles.
  • Travel influencers on Explurgers are posting 3-4 times more than what they do on other global platforms.
  • Co-Founder actor Sonu Sood and other celebrities have already started sharing exclusive content on the platform adding to the app’s appeal 

Explurger has been part of the Appscale Academy, a growth and development programme launched by MeitY and Google, where Indian startups are mentored on building high-quality apps for a global audience. In May 2022, the social media startup was even recognized by Google in its “Top 30 Mobile Startups in India” list.

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