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About Evalueserve

Evalueserve provides knowledge services to a global client base of Fortune 5000 companies, including Investment, Commercial and Retail Banks; Insurance Companies; Private Equity Firms; Corporates; Consulting and Research Firms; Law Firms and Intellectual Property Firms. Evalueserve’s expertise covers areas such as Financial and Investment Research, Business Research, Market Research, Intellectual Property, Data Analytics and Knowledge Technology Services. Besides, we provide access to over 20,000 experts through our Circle of Experts.<!–more–>

We currently have 2,000 professionals in our research centres in India (Delhi-Gurgaon), China (Shanghai), Chile (Santiago-Valparaiso) and Romania (Cluj-Napoca). In addition, we have 65 client engagement managers located in all major business centres and regions around the world. We have sales offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Evalueserve Competencies

Evalueserve Competencies: Customised knowledge web portals and dashboards for competitive intelligence, general research and knowledge management, industry monitoring, reporting; customised analytic and productivity tools for reporting, risk and statistical analysis, data cleansing in SPSS, SAS, Excel, Mathlab, CRM and other software packages; customised e-learning modules, Patent Search tools and Workflow and Productivity Management tools

Investment Research: Company and sector research; DCF and LBO financial modelling support; fixed income, credit and quantitative research; pitch book and marketing road show packs; editorial and desktop publishing

Intellectual Property and Legal Support Service: Patent application drafting, prior art searches, patent mapping, patent portfolio analysis, etc.

Market Research: End-to-end studies; multi-lingual fieldwork (telephone, web surveys and face-to-face surveys) for B2B and multi-country B2C surveys; stand-alone statistical analysis and reporting of survey data; market, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction studies

Data Analysis:Data acquisition, cleansing and modelling for business insights; segmentation; sensitivity analysis; data quality audits; cross-selling analytics; churn analytics and analytic campaign support

Business Research: Research and analysis of new and existing markets, industries, competitors, clients, innovations, potential acquisitions; support for marketing, sales, procurement, R&amp;D, finance departments

Circle of Experts

Direct expert consultation

Evalueserve Value Proposition

  • Operation centres in India, China, Chile and Romania
  • Multi-lingual capabilities (50+ languages)
  • Research conducted in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA
  • Local ‘in-country’ support 24×5 coverage
  • Value-for-money pricing leading to significant savings
  • 100% customised solutions
  • Flexibility of combining dedicated teams and on-demand projects
  • Option of Implant teams in client offices
  • Extensive research infrastructure with over 100 databases
  • Productivity enhancements via Knowledge Technology and micro-process redesign
  • Professional quality assurance processes
  • Multi-industry experience (15,000+ client engagements completed)

The current team comprises highly educated professionals, most of whom have advanced business or technical degrees and relevant professional experience. Professionals include MBAs, chemists, biotechnologists, engineers, intellectual property lawyers, medical doctors, PhDs, chartered accountants and statisticians from around the globe.

Evalueserve has subscribed to select paid databases, such as Profound, Factiva, Reuters Knowledge, OneSource and Economic Intelligence Unit, to meet the high-end research needs of our clients. It also leverages free databases/data sources on the Internet.

Key Differenciators

Scale: 2,000+ professionals, 45 nationalities

Global Delivery: Operation centres in India, China, Chile and Romania

Coverage: 24×5 operations; 50+ languages

Experience: 15,000+ projects

Cost and Productivity: Significant cost savings and productivity improvements

[Shared by: Kanupriya Jain (Marketing Communications, Evalueserve)]

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