Green entrepreneur

Green entrepreneurs are a class of entrepreneurs engaged in business activities that implement environment friendly practices with respect to manufacturing and selling. For instance, almost every manufacturing activity involves some amount of polluting the environment. Green entrepreneurs demonstrate their responsibility towards the environment by strictly abiding by the governmental regulations and several times rising above them by doing a bit more. Some of the green entrepreneurial practices include manufacturing environmentally friendly products; sourcing the raw materials that cause minimal harm to the environment; resorting to green manufacturing methods; safe disposal of soil, water and air pollutants; making use of green packaging materials and methods; offsetting the pollution caused by the manufacturing and selling activity.

The one big challenge that green entrepreneurs face is the amount of expenditure involved in green entrepreneurship. While there is no direct reward other than the welfare of the environment and the good will of the customers on account of green practices, green entrepreneurs have to solely relay on their personal sense of responsibility towards the environment. That is why it is rare to find green entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs find this an extra and unmanageable burden to implement green practices while they need to tackle several other issues in running their business.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have been able to promote their business by advertising their green business practices. Some huge concerns allot a sizeable fund during their budget meetings to undertake projects that will benefit and improve the environment. Such activities help improve the environment at the same time while capturing the attention of the customers and the governmental agencies that would certainly appreciate such activities.

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