Do you have raw dreams? Check their ripening potential with Alysha!

rawdreams3The name itself generates a curiosity in the minds of people who come to know that Alysha is running the RAW Dreams consultancy or who happen to hear it from somebody who just have attended a session with them.

I myself was intrigued to know more about them because it sounded to great to know that somebody is addressing the very idea of dreams at a very raw stage and making them ripe with proper guidance and mentoring.

Young people are the future of any nation, or for that matter, of this world. Reaching out to them to make them tap their potential in full bloom is a unique and brilliant opportunity to bring change in this world.

10922385_10155101109785483_5876233010282138705_oWe talked to Alysha Tharani over an email to get to know more about her dream project!

Q1. How you cooked up the idea of starting RawDreams?

Ans: Two years ago, I took a step back to analyze my aspirations, my dreams and what I really wanted from this life. I reflected upon the mismatch in human advancements with respect to individual aspirations. Somehow as we grow up, our Dreams are lost to make ends meet and survive.  My father always says, “Questions are always more important than answers, as questions are the root of solutions.” If it is possible for one person to live his Dream, it is surely possible for others too. The rest just followed.

Q2. Do you have a team?

Ans: Yes, of different highly experienced and passionate mentors and experts from varied, specialized fields.

Q3. What’s the basic strategy of collaborating with the clients?

Ans: We do not have clients. We have Aspirants whom we mentor, support, nurture and facilitate to follow their passions. We offer expertise in ‘Aligning today’s learning towards Tomorrow’s needs.’. We never say never. The focus is always on our Aspirants, their needs and dreams. Their growth is our growth. Their success is our success.

Q4. What exactly you bring to the table in terms of expertise?

Ans: As a team, we bring openness. If we draw up all the people who we today follow as inspirations and examples, we will be able to identify a few common traits in all. And those traits are what made them different. Their drive to keep trying, to tread the roads never traveled, to just experiment and customize, is what made them Legend. The same is incorporated as the core of RAW Dreams We are about real time practical exposures and learning. Each individual has specific natural passions / interests / inclinations. We work on those to determine further course of possibilities based on the determination of the Aspirant. It is a very organic and different process for each aspirant.

Q5. Are you looking for funding from investors?

Ans: No.

Q6. How do your empanel experts from various fields?

Ans: This is a little difficult question as each expert Mentor has a different idea of mentoring and association. The trick is to identify what clicks for whom and then just allocate it. It also brings a lot of variety, constructive feedback, wisdom and experience to the team that is very integral for progress.

Q7. How has been the ride till now?

Ans: On 11th Jan 2015, we hit our first anniversary and we are now a year closer to our ‘A Billion Plus’ Dream. It is the vision of touching that many lives, in the coming years. So far, it has been very progressive with every new Dreams reaching us daily. We are also launching a lot of programs, customized year planners and involving young talent as we grow stronger, wiser, determined and RAW!

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