Defy – India’s First Social Crypto Exchange Club launches Baskets

~ Enables investors to diversify their portfolio with the help of crypto experts~

To make investing easier, India’s first social crypto exchange club Defy has introduced Baskets. With the help of Baskets one can diversify their portfolio while keeping a track of what experts are investing in. Baskets consist of a set of coins based on a theme and curated by experts who strongly believe in those coins, themes, and investment strategies. Some of the theme-based Baskets that have been made available are Blue-chip basket, Metaverse basket, Gaming basket, Defi basket, NFT basket, and Altcoins basket.

 Investing in crypto is confusing and to an extent daunting and those are the issues Baskets is looking to resolve. Since its inception, crypto has been home to much volatility and the number of budding coins since then has not made things any easier.

From the Cofounder/CEO, Bhagaban Behera, on the release of Baskets:

“Crypto is increasingly getting complex and crypto investors need to continuously keep themselves updated. Defy Baskets will help crypto investors invest quickly and smartly by enabling access to themes, ideas and strategies crafted by experts instead of just investing in individual coins. This will also help investors diversify their portfolio and learn to predict trends by observing experts.”

The Baskets on Defy have been created by leading professionals, researchers and industry experts who have a deep understanding and knowledge of the movements in the crypto market. 

Baskets enable investors to diversify their portfolio thus reducing the risk that each coin carries, and maximizing the returns for their portfolio. One can also create their own Baskets, have discussions with friends and even invite them to invest in Baskets that the investor and their friends are passionate about.

You, as an investor, can explore the entire range of Baskets, learn about the people investing in them and make informed, independent decisions. You can leverage the knowledge and expertise that other crypto investors carry so that you can grow your investments together.

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