aggregates all Group Buying deals!

Group dealsOnline shopping and the e-commerce industry has rapidly changed and evolved. Be it books, shoes, clothes or your groceries, almost the entire gamut of products can be bought online. With the advent of online shopping models such as ebay and amazon, many different concepts have been introduced in the online shopping world. This evolving dynamic e-commerce industry has brought about the concept of Group Buying or collective buying. Group Buying websites offer very deep discounts to products/services that are perceived to be in high demand. The true test as to a product’s/service’s popularity is, however, down to the number of people who actually buy the deal. Provided that a certain number of people buy the deal, the discount will be offered. If this number is not met then the deal is cancelled and the money returned. The most popular group-buying websites include SnapDeal, Deals and You, BuzzinTown, etc which offer deals in cities all over India.

Group Buying is gaining cult status the world over. Following the flood of several Group Buying portals, was formed as a Deal Aggregator/deal tracking portal, to manage the many different deals and offers. Within the portal, lists all deals and discounts of all group buying websites filtered according to city and category. Dealies India offers a simple, clean interface, and uses creative measures such as the Alexa ranking and the reviews section for the merchants, in order to aid the consumer in making the best possible decision. intends to be the definitive source for the concept of Group Buying, saving money and to render the concept a cult status through their blogs and merchant reviews. Aside from gathering the offers of the various group-buying websites, also gives users an overview and description of the group buying websites currently active in the country, at the same time the users can share their own experiences buying from them.

Dealies India is presented as a clear alternative to manually tracking all the best deals out there among the 10-12 group-buying websites, saving you precious time and money. Group buying = by popular demand only! But deal aggregation strives to make even the best deals better!

(Author: Pallavi Roy)

3 thoughts on “ aggregates all Group Buying deals!”

  1. Kumar says:

    I earlier used, show more information about the product, but less deals when compared to badiyadeals.,

  2. Mandy says:

    Nice…but as Kumar said has lots of options.

  3. Rahul Arora says:

    Dealites is a deal aggregator which aggregates deals in popular categories like Dining, Health and Beauty, Apparel, Electronics, Events. We have tie-ups with 30+ group buying and e-commerce websites. Our job is to provide a one-stop place for users to check all deals at one place. The link to our website is

    Apart from users, we also provide an API for businesses interested to show the aggregated deals on their app/portal.

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