Creative entrepreneurs

Creative entrepreneurs are different from other class of entrepreneurs in a significant way in that they start a business venture by virtue of their original ideas. They might also incorporate some innovations during the process of their business too. Creativity is the foundation for every art – both visual and performance.

In as much as it gives scope for creativity, entrepreneurship can be described as an art. It is the art of visualising a niche for the entrepreneur’s innovative products or services; it is the art of putting things together for a profitable business venture; it is the art of creating the ads and evolving selling strategies; it is the art of promoting and expanding the business venture. Thus, at every step of entrepreneurship there is a vast scope for creativity.

While most entrepreneurs follow the general market trend and meet the existing demands; creative entrepreneurs visualise a product or service, advertise it and create a demand for it and seek ways to successfully promote it in the market. While following the general market trend can make the job of entrepreneurs very easy, creative entrepreneurs do face a lot of challenges in creating a niche for their product or service. However, once successfully done, the entire hard work really pays off in the long run. Creative entrepreneurs go a step further ahead the rest of their counterparts by accepting challenges and risks and most often reap the rewards for innovating. To be successful, they must ensure that every step of the business venture is decided with enough insight into customer expectation.

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