Brands react to social media feedback differently

Social MediaRecently, I have become more active on Twitter than ever.

Reason? Simple. Brands that do not respond to your usual emails through ‘contact us’ pages, do reply on twitter promptly and also fling into action. (Yes, I mean that!)

So, I will take example of three brands that are fairly large in their respective domain.

First is HDFC Bank. Second is Paytm. Third is Taboola.

Of course, my observation is based on personal experience but I have an inclination to generalize it for others too. These brands have responded fairly actively when they did not reply to emails through the usual contact us page they have provided on their websites.

I simply tweeted them using their twitter handle and in came the reply and a possible solution to my queries or problems.

What’s the reason behind this behavior?

Social media is very important for all the brands irrespective of nature of their business

If you look at the companies that I mentioned, they are dealing different types of customers and have an altogether different business strategy.

HDFC is a bank. Paytm is a recharging facility and now venturing into ecommerce, while Taboola is more of a B2B platform innovating in the world of advertising.

But all these three took social media feedback seriously and replied to my tweets at the earliest.

Lesson for startups: Can’t afford to ignore what people are saying on social to you or about you!

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