Encourages all to extend gratitude by stating ‘Iss Jung Mein Hum Sang Hai’ to the invisible heroes, ‘Caregivers’, in the battle against Cancer

Key Highlights:

           Conducted research among approx. 500 caregivers of cancer patients in top 8 cities to understand their state of mind and what keeps them encouraged in these trying times

           54% caregivers over 35 years of age experienced staying positive as the biggest challenge

           42% of female caregivers felt far more exhausted and underappreciated than 19% of men

           52% of respondents from Tier 1 cities found strength in religion/spirituality compared to 29% and 32% in Tier 2 and 3 cities

           Female caregivers were likelier to use therapy when available as compared to men

           Bharti AXA General Insurance collaborated with spoken word poet and caregiver, Priya Malik for a poignant tribute, ‘NayaNazariya’ to shed light on the selfless devotion of caregivers everywhere

Bharti AXA General Insurance, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, one of India’s leading business groups, and AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, today launched its unique campaign ‘Caregivers’ to support cancer survivors in the battle against the killer disease.

Commemorating World Cancer Day, a global uniting initiative by the Union for International Cancer Control to raise worldwide attention and inspire action for a cancer-free future, Bharti AXA General Insurance believes that all caregivers – friends, family, and others – play a significant role to win the battle against cancer.

The implicit essence is best captured by the tagline ‘Iss Jung Mein Hum Sang Hai’. The campaign was kicked off with the release of the poem across Bharti AXA General Insurance’s social media handles and poet Priya Malik’s Instagram page hours before World Cancer Day. Through this awareness drive, the company aims to engage with close to a million Indians today on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn and focuses on highlighting everyone’s role in achieving a cancer-free world.

To create a meaningful impact, Bharti AXA General Insurance has collaborated with noted poetess Priya Malik for a poignant tribute titled, ‘NayaNazariya’ to reflect her own experience as a caregiver and shed light on the selfless devotion of caregivers everywhere.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Sanjeev Srinavasan, MD and CEO, Bharti AXA General Insurance, said, “With this campaign, we aim to draw focus towards everyone’s role in achieving a healthier and brighter world without cancer. It is essential to spread awareness about the importance of a caregiver’s physical, emotional and mental health for the well-being of a Cancer patient. We would like to dedicate our initiative to every caregiver for the predicament they face and thank them for their support, grit, and determination.’’

According to various studies, the awareness of health aspect, knowledge of various stages of cancer and physical/mental impact, and methods to keep track of treatment were consistently rated as major issues to care for cancer patients effectively.

To support and understand the emotions of caregivers of cancer patients, Bharti AXA General conducted a study with about 500 caregivers, which highlights their challenges, their strength and utilization of formal support systems, and the steps they take to support a Cancer patient.

Staying positive emerged as the biggest challenge for caregivers. About 50 per cent of the caregivers between the age group 25 to 34 years and 54 per cent of those above age of 35 years faced this issue. Keeping track of treatment stages, expenses, and medications were the other challenges faced by these caregivers. As many as 52 per cent of caregivers above 35 years of age felt that acceptance of the diseases for the sake of self/patient was a challenge as compared to only 18 per cent of those between 25 and 34 years and 29 per cent of caregivers between 18 and 24 years. Keeping track of treatment stages, medications and acceptance of the disease are the top three challenges faced by the caregivers.

More than 50 per cent of caregivers found strength and inspiration by talking to family members, other caregivers, and supportive people and doing Yoga/Exercise/Meditation. Only 27-28 per cent of caregivers have utilized the facility of therapy/counseling sessions and visits to formal support groups. More than 50 per cent of caregivers highlighted that knowledge about the various stages of Cancer and modes to keep a track of treatment schedules were the key activities they focused on supporting the Cancer patients.

On World Cancer Day, which aims to create more awareness around this unnoticed phenomenon, the study by Bharti AXA General Insurance and YouGov aims to notify that Cancer Caregivers may experience periods of stress, anxiety, depression and frustration and stress on the fact that the awareness and support from other people will help boost their spirits.

According to the WHO, 17 people die every minute from Cancer in the world. Patients diagnosed with Cancer are said to be the most vulnerable group in society. Cancer affects not only the patients but also his/her entire family and caregivers.

From spreading awareness and showing a glimpse of a caregiver’s life, through this relevant campaign, the company urges people to support the caregivers and tell them that they are not alone in this battle.

With this, Bharti AXA General Insurance pledges to stand tall and take step towards ensuring the betterment of the caregivers.

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