This is indie label Cul de Sac Mystic Productions Sixth Solo Album Release Featuring Licater’s Flute Passages for Meditation and Inspiration

Fifteen years after the release of Ann Licater’s  breakthrough debut solo wood and clay flute album Following the Call, she again returns to her roots with a focus on solo-inspired compositions that evoke stillness and peace inspired by walks in the natural world. Whispers from Earth is the sixth album on the artist’s independent record label Cul de Sac Mystic Productions.

“Walking in nature experiencing the subtle and bold beauty of rose gardens, bamboo forests, gentle waves and sunlit pathways colored the sound, texture and feeling tone of the collection of tracks I created. Each one expresses something I felt in that quietude and connection. Recalling visits to the Sequoia National Forest and performing in the forests of Lake Tahoe—both in California—were influences, too,” says Licater. 

Whispers from Earth—a collection of 12 tracks including “Peaceful Prayer,” “Redwood  Memories” and “Mirror Lake Reflection”—showcases Licater’s distinct artistry on an array of world flutes including Native American, Native American-style, folk and silver alto flutes. Licater serves as executive producer, co-producer, composer, publisher, artist and indie label owner, continuing her foray into world flute-based Contemporary Instrumental and New Age music to soothe the soul, helping listeners find inner peace and well-being. 

Music writer Jonathan Widran ( notes, “In many ways, those whispers Ann shares via her Native American style flutes, Native American flutes, folk flute and Mayan-style drone flute sweep through us as the breath of life itself, giving flight to hope and dreams beyond the day to day.”  

These flute passages for meditation and inspiration were inspired by Licater’s walks in nature—specifically at The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, in San Marino and stretches of the Pacific Coast in Laguna Beach and Malibu—all in California. She thinks of the album as “a 45-minute inner journey” perfect for a walking meditation, a lunchtime listening escape, or anytime one wants to center one’s self. 

Whispers from Earth debuted on radio with five tracks on the “Deep Flutes” program (airing 11.11.22) on Hearts of Space, a syndicated radio show that is heard by approximately 200,000 listeners per week on 176 National Public Radio (NPR) stations. Radio focus tracks for the album include “Peaceful Prayer,” performed on Native American-style flute and available as a free downloadable and early access streaming track on select platforms with a pre-sale offering; and “Luminous Morning” featuring Ann on both grand piano and Native American flute. 

Reflects Licater, “I  revisited the piano and my love for improvising on it. I perform both instruments in this piece, so this combination will be something new for my listeners. I named it ‘Luminous Morning’ as it feels so joyful to me—reminiscent of fluttering wings in a garden or sunlight bouncing off of ocean waves.”

Returning to co-produce with Licater are GRAMMY®-nominated artist, Peter Phippen, and Ivar Lunde, Jr. who also is the recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Musicians joining Licater on Whispers from Earth include Phippen on Shakuhachi (“Whispers from Earth”) and electric bass and Moyo Drum (“Star Stream Dreamer”); Lunde, Jr. on synthesizer (“Whispers from Earth”);  and Troy Arnett on synthesizer [“Following the Call (Horizons)]” a nod to Licater’s debut album, Following the Call.    

Whispers from Earth is the most recent release on the artist’s Cul de Sac Mystic Productions label, which also includes Following the Call (2007), Doorway to a Dream (2010), Invitation from Within (2013) Beyond the Waves (2016), Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation (2018). The new album, akin to Licater’s other releases, is an artful, sonic journey designed for mindfulness practices, meditation, well-being, yoga, spa, healing arts, creativity, study,  sleep, and stress reduction.

Full tracks and samples are available at SpotifyAppleBandcamp and HearNow.

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Track Listing: 

1. Whispers from Earth 

2. Echoes from a Glass Pond 

3. Peaceful Prayer 

4. Luminous Morning 

5. Red Cedar Calling 

6. Star Stream Dreamer 

7. Mirror Lake Reflection 

8. Initiation (Awakening) 

9. Silver Soliloquy 

10. Forest Moon Rising 

11. Redwood Memories 

12. Following the Call (Horizons) 

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