YAK Carpet, one of India’s most premium creator of luxury carpets & rugs for home and industry, redefines design sensibility for the most astute households in India with the introduction of an exclusive array of carpets. Yak carpet houses a plethoric range of finely handcrafted rugs and carpets ranging across various genres. With the newest addition to the assortment is the ensemble of Oceanic collection. Each masterpiece from the house of YAK Carpet has a unique story to narrate, including the eccentric masterpieces from their latest Oceanic range.

The Oceanic Collection is reminiscent of a calm, blue water body amidst the global crisis. Each Handmade carpet is “One of a Kind” and has been handcrafted by Master Weavers. The design of each piece is inspired by various water bodies that have a calm and soothing effect in any space that these carpets would be placed in.  As one of the four elements, water has long been a celebrated icon of purity and peace. While it has traditionally been associated with magical outdoor settings, its harmonious effects inside the home can cast a spell of equal proportion. These magnificent carpets are handknotted in Fine wool and create an Oasis-like atmosphere in any room that these carpets are used. 

The latest array of OCEANIC handknotted assemblages available at YAK Carpets include:

a)   Dariya Carpet is “One of a Kind”, handknotted and has been inspired by multiple water bodies like sea, river, ocean etc. and involves intricate craftsmanship.

Size: 8×10 feet

Price: Rs. 1.60L

b)   The Hauz Carpet is Handknotted in Fine New Zealand wool and comprises of fresh, pristine details inspired by water bodies and is ideal for a space with minimal decor.

Size: 8×10 feet,

Price: Rs.1.6L

c)   The Jheel carpet is reminiscent of a calm and serene space which is evident from the pattern, colors and hues of a space. This is Handknotted in Fine New Zealand wool mixed with Bamboo silk.

Size: 5.6×8 feet,

Price Rs.65k

d)   The Neer Carpet is a beautiful concoction of pastel blue and beige in a verticular fashion with detailed craftsmanship. It is handcrafted in Fine New Zealand wool and has an erased pattern.

Size:4×6 feet,

Price: Rs. 45k

e)   The Leher carpet is a transitional carpet- mix of modern and traditional and has detailed craftsmanship. It has been inspired by a mix of water bodies easily flowing into unison. This carpet is Handknotted in Fine Wool.

Size:8×10 feet,

Price Rs. 170k

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