ValPro unveils new ESG vertical, brings industry stalwart Subodh Kumar as Executive Director

Considering that Union Budget 2022 introduced unprecedented allocation of resources for clean energy development, ValPro’s full-stack ESG vertical will undertake different initiatives for companies to optimize sustainability and traceability

ValPro, aka Value Prolific, a full-stack financial institution, has announced its commitment to strengthen global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) norms for the Indian ecosystem. The company has onboarded industry veteran Subodh Kumar as Executive Director-ESG to spearhead this highly sought–after vertical. Since its inception, ValPro has constantly encouraged evolving practices based on global and macro-economic trends. With the induction of the ESG vertical, the company has taken a step further towards a dynamic integration of sustainability in its advisory practice.

India has committed a highly ambitious target of becoming a net-zero emission economy by 2070. Budget 2022 initiatives such as battery swapping policies for EVs, an additional allocation of INR 19,500 crore in the PLI scheme to achieve 280 GW of solar capacity, and funds set aside for reducing India’s economy-related carbon intensity are intrinsically linked to promoting clean energy and ESG norms. In this context, ValPro’s latest maneuver in ESG fits perfectly in alignment with the government’s initiatives. With the induction of an established and seasoned leader, ValPro is once again ready to raise the industry’s bar.

Subodh brings over 37 years of experience revolving around petroleum products, ethanol, biodiesel, Compressed Biogas (CBG), solar, wind, nuclear power, and storage batteries. He retired as Executive Director (Petrochemicals, Alternate Energy, and Sustainable Development) from Indian Oil Corporation Limited and is a government-recognized expert in biofuels and green initiatives. He is actively involved in various sustainability initiatives as a board member, investor, mentor, advisor, and consultant across genres like clean energy, biofuels, agriculture, water, waste to energy, green hydrogen, electric vehicles, storage batteries, and recycling. His impressive track record, comprehensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and deep-rooted involvement in policy-making for the biofuel sector will prove pivotal in leading ValPro’s ESG vertical. 

At ValPro, Subodh will lead the ESG vertical and undertake several initiatives to advise companies to help improve their sustainable practices and procedures. The suite of services will include ESG audits and providing solutions to encourage ESG adoption. ValPro will closely work with companies to prepare for ESG reporting requirements in accordance with SEBI guidelines. The company will conduct discretionary audits for companies to inculcate better corporate governance and showcase responsibility. ValPro will also enlist relevant technologies to enable companies to adopt advanced solutions and improve ESG adherence.

ValPro’s ESG division will assist companies operating in areas like clean energy, biofuels, agriculture, water, green hydrogen, EVs, storage batteries to effectively market, develop business, and actuate partnerships. Furthermore, ValPro will lend a helping hand to ESG focused companies to efficiently fundraise by leveraging its matchless network of high-octane domestic and international investors.

Anshuman Khanna, Director, ValPro, said, “Contemporary companies aren’t functioning on just gaining profits but being accountable for the environment, with employee development also in their priority list. With ESG norms accompanied by transparent governance elements, companies can constructively take conscious actions to protect our planet, communities, and other social orders. These diverse yet mutual forces will unlock the real potential of companies in terms of purposeful growth. At ValPro, we have always believed in acclimatizing with time, and once again, we are taking the baton forward.”

He added, “For our ESG vertical, we have brought clean energy grandmaster Subodh Kumar. His appointment is incredibly beneficial for us. We are sure that ValPro’s ESG vertical will reach new heights under his leadership and help companies adhere to ESG guidelines credibly.

Subodh Kumar, newly appointed Executive Director-ESG, ValPro, said, “I am delighted to start my new innings with ValPro and make a deeper impact on many corporations in adopting the right standards and solutions for better ESG adherence.

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