Triton EV Becomes First Indian Auto Company To Announce Hydrogen Fuel-Powered Trucks 

India’s leading clean energy-run advanced mobility company, Triton Electric Vehicle to manufacture Hydrogen-powered trucks from its Bhuj, Gujarat manufacturing plant. These trucks will be hybrid heavy vehicles which will be produced for Indian roads as well as for International markets. With this announcement, Triton became the first Indian automobile company to enter this category. 

Triton’s entry into hydrogen-powered vehicles was announced in August 2022 with the announcement of Triton Hydrogen-Run Two-Wheelers and Triton Hydrogen Busses. 

The hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles will be the top priority for Triton, as it has a sustainable roadmap.  

With today’s announcement of Hydrogen Powered Trucks, Triton’s commitment towards clean tech and clean energy reaches new heights. This announcement gives Triton an early movers advantage in the space of heavy vehicles with hydrogen fuel capabilities. 

“We are excited to work on ensuring clean mobility technologies. In this journey, our introduction of Hydrogen Fuel Powered Trucks is a great milestone. This product not only shows our commitment to a clean environment but also ensures a great acknowledgement for India’s global leadership in advanced automotive with clean fuel efficiencies,” says Himanshu Patel, Founder and Managing Director of Triton EV.  

Technology Edge

Hybrid engines that use hydrogen fuel cells in combination with electric motors can take advantage of the high torque output of the electric motor while also benefiting from the energy density and range of the hydrogen fuel. In comparison, traditional combustion engines rely on gears to produce torque, which can result in a less smooth and responsive driving experience. Additionally, because of the way the electric motor is integrated into the hybrid system, it can act as a generator to charge the battery when the vehicle is decelerating, thus making the overall torque performance even more efficient.

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