Top 4 Experiential Marketing Companies Catering to Different Sectors

Experiential marketing companies engage consumers through interactive solutions and help the brand to connect its idea with its audiences. These companies plan and execute immersive events and experiential activities, such as interactive exhibits using cutting edge technologies that encourage consumers to actively participate and get entertained at the same time. Generally, these services include location planning, logistics, and staffing solutions for all events and activities. Experiential marketing is often used by businesses looking for creative solutions that allow consumers to develop deeper connections with their brand. Businesses may accompany their experiential marketing efforts with other forms of advertising too.

Below is the list of top 4 preferred experiential marketing agencies by bigger and renowned brands across varied sectors.

1. Digital Jalebi: The company which embarked on its journey in September 2012, is engaged in designing interactive installations and software for spaces like museums, exhibitions and planetariums. With a varied background of design, software engineering, electronics and multimedia, Digital Jalebi offers end-to-end delivery starting from research, conceptualisation and story-boarding; to content generation, graphic design, and animation, 3D modelling, to development, fabrication and installation.

2. Indigital Technologies: Since its inception in 2015, Indigital Technologies has been selling its array of products and services to the pharma-healthcare industry by supporting pharma marketeers. Intending to solve all the marketing problems of the targeted industry through its products, the company is offering products that no one else could even imagine. Some of its phenomenal products include Kanopi, Kribado, Kyoiku, Incontro, and Pixika. The company has been serving as the potential digital transformation collaborator for its rich clientele for a long time now.

3. Adloid: The company is a pioneer in 3D visualization and Augmented Reality technology since 2016. Using its proprietary 2D to 3D offerings, it is enabling large enterprises to create virtual shopping experiences for their customers. With world-class products on offer and leading in terms of the features supported, the company believes that its rate of customer-retention is considerably high as the team constantly innovates. Innovation enables the company to meet the needs of enterprise customers across multiple sectors without compromising on any features of the AR experience.

4. Alchemy Group: Founded in 2015, Alchemy Group is a tech-first digital media and content agency providing marketing solutions to reach next-gen audiences. The company caters to more than 700 large-scale advertiser and media publication clients from around the world. Backed by cutting-edge technology, the company’s focus on experiential marketing to push digital boundaries in an ecosystem thriving on growth and exclusive engagements has delivered an uber-connected environment across all avenues of digital.

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