Time Traveler’s New Album: Sky Falter

Award-winning composer and electronic musician Michael L. Rogers was first introduced to the world as ELEON. Now, he brings us a more mellow ambient chill under the alternate identity of Time Traveler.

Visit a variety of universes and eras as Time Traveler takes us on an enlightening journey with Sky Falter. Lush synth beds support the uplifting melodies bringing light and hope, which allows the listener to decide for his or her self, when and where the music takes them. 


1. Time Apparatus Clear for Launch 5:22
2. Sky Falter 7:00
3. Explorer Beware 4:10
4. Languid 4:31
5. Casper’s Cove 5:44
6. Timescapes 5:13
7. Lifeforms Detected 7:09
8. Lost Traveler 6:43
9. Ancient Wanderers 6:05
10. Futuristic Journey 5:00
11. A Slow Arrival 5:01
12. Repeat That Day 6:21
13 Memory Seems Distant 7:13
TOTAL TIME: 74:00 

Time Traveler is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more.  

All Music Composed & Recorded by Michael L. Rogers at Distant Landing Studios
Mastered by Cass Anawaty at Sonoran Mastering – Scottsdale, AZ 
©Heart Dance Records 2020 

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