We must not forget the lessons that this pandemic has taught us. Even if people are vaccinated, they can be silent spreaders of the virus. So, the arrival of vaccine doesn’t really mean the end of the battle. Experts have pointed out that people would still have to follow safety precautions for the foreseeable future before we term COVID-19 a thing of the past. Many, including those who have been vaccinated, will still need to wear a mask.

So, wearing mask and maintaining basic hygiene is the most important yet basic precaution.


Livinguard’s hygiene products like reusable masks and gloves are treated with 100% Livinguard technology, have been proven to destroy >99.9% bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. When it comes to continuous disinfection, no other facemasks are created with the same care and intense R&D as of Livinguard’s, even with due consideration for the environment. The masks are biodegradable causing no environmental hazard. These are reusable and washable up to 6 months, effectively replacing 210 single-use masks and gloves, thereby avoiding an environmental catastrophe due to single use non-biodegradable masks, gloves and PPE kits adding to the bio-medical waste across the globe.

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