TEV and SWITCHLABS Collaborates to Introduce TEV Trucks on Lease

In it’s bid to make the TEV Electric Trucks affordable, Triton Electric Vehicle (TEV) has partnered with SWITCHLABS to lease the TEV Electric Trucks.

SWITCHLABS will work as an authorized leasing partner with TEV and it will market, distribute, lease TEV Electric Trucks. SWITCHLABS shall promote TEV’s Electric Trucks.

“The Indian logistics and transport sector holds great potential and scope to become more eco-friendly. Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cells Trucks carry great relevance in today’s scenario.  As an electric and hydrogen cell powered truck manufacturer,  we at TEV are committed to ensure all the possibilities of developing a robust product of International quality and delivering to the end customers while ensuring ease of doing business at level. So, with such outlook, we are delighted to partner with SWITCHLABS as their expertise of leasing out the trucks to transporters will further motivate them to use TEV Trucks and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprints and protecting our environment,” says Himanshu Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Electric Vehicle.

“This collaboration will ensure affordability of Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Trucks for the Indian Logistics and Transport Sector and ultimately help to bring down the scope 3 emission from transport sector and cost as well in near future,” says Ajay Pratap , Founder & CEO of Switchlabs Automobiles.

TEV’s Electric Truck was showcased at the TEV R&D Centre facility at Kheda Near Ahmedabad, Gujarat recently to common users and select media representatives. 

This 1 Lakh 50 thousand square feet area of TEV’s R&D facility is set to nurture state of the art and innovative clean energy vehicles and mobility solutions. Through the range of clean energy and smart mobility products, TEV is aiming to establish international leadership in smart mobility.

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