Entrepreneur Vs Intrapreneur

There is a significant difference between the roles of entreprenuers and intrapreneurs. If we need to define these two terms, we can say that an entrepreneur creates a business through his or her skills and passion and willingly accepts the complete accountability for its success or failure. Differing from an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur makes use of his or her skills, ideas and zeal to administer or evolve the strategies and plans that are beneficial for someone else’s business. In either cases, the commitment and responsibilities towards the business ventures are almost the same while the extent of ownership alone differs.

The main difference between the roles of entrepreneurs and intraprenerus is that the former can act on their own decision while the latter need to get their strategies approved by the top management. While an entrepreneur enjoys the complete freedom to change the working style of the company, its policies and products, an intrapreneur might have a lot of challenges in implementing his or her ideas. When an intrapreneur acts on the creative impulses within, they might have to face some conflicts within the organization.

We can sum up the differences between entepreneurs and intrapreneurs in this way. While entrepreneurs provide ignition to a business, intrapreneurs work to sustain the flame. Entrepreneurs do not have boundaries to implement their passion, vision and ideas, whereas intrapreneurs have to work within the portals of an organization. While entrepreneurs have challenges in sourcing the resources, inrapreneurs have a ready access to them. An entrepreneur loses his or her investment and falls when a business fails; an intrapreneur only loses his professional reputation when the business fails, but does not suffer financial losses when a business fails.

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