Entrepreneur synonym

The term entrepreneur is highly comprehensive and rich in its connotation and denotation. It is rather nearly impossible to find an equivalent to this term. However, the layers of meanings emerging from this word can be analysed with the support of several other related terms.

Every entrepreneur is necessarily an investor since entrepreneurship invariably involves financial investment whether small or big.

Entrepreneurs are contractors or agents depending on their roles. If they promote their own products or services, they are contractors. If they promote the products and services of another person or firm by investing to do the business, then they become agents.

Since an entrepreneur must administer his or her own business and carryout the complete decision making process, he or she can also be called an administrator. In the same lines, since an entrepreneur performs the role of an executive, he or she is certainly an executive. If the entrepreneur occupies the topmost role in the system of his or her business administration, then he or she can be called the director of the company. In the similar lines entrepreneurs can also be called managers. Yet another shade of meaning that comes out of the word entrepreneur is organizer as evident from the kind of role he or she needs to play in administering the business activity.

Some other terms that are very closely associated with the term entrepreneur are producer, business person or founder industrialist. A person who finances the movie production is called a producer. However, this term can also be used to imply his or her role connected with the production of goods. Since every act of entrepreneurship is necessarily a business or profit making activity, an entrepreneur is necessarily a businessperson. When an entrepreneur financially supports a venture, he or she can also be called backer or undertaker. If the production and business activity is larger, then an entrepreneur will become a founder industrialist.

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