Entrepreneur statistics

Entrepreneurship is actually far different from what people rather imagine about it. While most people go by some misconceived notions about entrepreneurship, the actual facts we find in the society are far different from these assumptions. The findings are in fact interesting. Some recent findings bring to surface some strange statistical information regarding entrepreneurship. Gathered from a vast amount of data, it is found the average age of entrepreneurs when they started their business ventures was forty years old. It is revealed that about 95% of the entrepreneurs had got bachelor’s degrees while 47% among them had more additional qualifications.

So strangely, it is found that only less than 1% entrepreneurs come from very rich or very poor backgrounds. In most cases, entrepreneurship does not descend on people from their fathers and grandfathers. For instance, about 52% of entrepreneurs had become entrepreneurs for the first time in their families.

About 70% of entrepreneurs were married when they started their first ever business. About 5% entrepreneurs were singles having divorced, separated or widowed. While about 60% of entrepreneurs had at least one child while launching their first business; 44% among them had two or more children. A major number of entrepreneurs are found to be serial entrepreneurs meaning they start more businesses following one. In an average, it is found an entrepreneur has around two businesses. Over 75% of entrepreneurs stated that earning a good amount of wealth was their prime motive behind starting a business.  over 75% of entrepreneurs worked as employees for some other companies before becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own business ventures.

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