Suraasa Opens Its First Physical Centre in India after their success in UAE & UK

– Launching its services city-by-city, Suraasa has its vision set on upskilling learners through Suraasa Teaching Qualifications pan India
– The Edtech platform is planning to enter Mumbai and Delhi and other metro cities in the next phase

Suraasa, a Higher Education EdTech and Career Lifecycle Management JobTech platform focused on school teachers’ career growth, has announced the expansion of its physical centers starting from Bangalore. Targeting multiple cities in the coming months, Suraasa, after Bangalore, will be setting-up its physical learning centers in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc. and other metro cities where teachers can come and learn practical teaching skills from live demonstrations by experts.

While there is a huge demand for skilled teachers in India, there is a huge supply of unskilled teachers. There is a dearth of teachers equipped with high-quality pedagogy skills and Suraasa is committed to bridging this gap. 96% of all teachers who have undertaken the program by Suraasa have already found placements with top international schools and the remainders are currently upskilling and preparing to actively pursue their dream school employers.

According to Suraasa, teachers hailing from specializations such as Physical Education, Arts, Science, Mathematics, English Literature, and Early Learning are all in high demand, not just in International Schools but in schools in India as well.

Muhammed Atif, Principal of a leading British Curriculum School says “I find the courses very relevant for all my teachers. It is something that they need, something that helps them in the classrooms and something that helps them in improving not only their practices but also in doing well in pedagogy examinations. After attending the classes, we saw an immediate impact in the teaching of our teachers; the changes were visible in the classroom. The significant impact on our teaching was that it moved a step higher. We went from good to very good. I’d rate it 10/10. For potential teachers and teachers who want to come to my school, I’d definitely recommend them to do PgCTL.”

One of the teachers who took the course Nishat Mulla shares experience by saying, “I wanted to move to Dubai for career progression. With Suraasa’s platform, I got a job offer within 2 months in a new country. The concepts I learned have helped me immensely in improving my teaching and settling in my new environment.”

The company has already started receiving enrolments of teachers from states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Goa etc.

Mr. Rishabh Khanna, Cognitive Scientist and Founder of Suraasa, commented on the expansion drive, saying, “Technology has deeply penetrated into every aspect of our lives and every sector of our economy. Even education hasn’t remained unaffected and has been impacted heavily by the technological advancements. We, at Suraasa, are leveraging these upcoming tech trends and unlocking their potential to revolutionize learning for everyone. And I am delighted to say that our efforts are paying off as our edtech offerings are positively transforming the decades-old archaic education system existing in India.”

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