Startup Giving every information of Delhi student life

Where you will find the latest information about Delhi colleges, universities and events organized by them? Where you will like to go if you want to network with students from various campuses of Delhi? Where you will get to know what’s happening around and what you should do, if you are student in Delhi?
Well, there is a place to go for.

It’s a first online presence that helps you get latest information of almost everything that’s happening around you and your student life.

The CEO of Fuccha, Tarun, answered some queries about his startup.

Fuccha.comAbout Fuccha

We are India’s first ever one stop junction for Delhi Youth which offers the extensive platform to provide career guidance, chance to earn pocket money, campus buzz, selling old stuff, free papers & study material, search engine for Delhi colleges/universities. In short, We bring entire Delhi Youth together.

Genesis of your startup—how you started? Tell about the team also.

Since I am a pass-out from DU itself, I always felt the need for a platform where I can get all the latest information regarding debate, seminar, party, conference, interaction with other college students, networking with corporate houses, campus bakar of all other colleges. When I stepped into my MBA, I always wanted to take live projects, paper presentation, B-School plans but there was no platform to provide all these information. Hence the idea got generated where we worked on a platform which can become their “One stop solution of all the need and queries.”

About the team:

We are a team of 12 people. Four of us who started this venture are taking care of different departments. Yogesh Dahiya (COO ), Himanshu Bhardwaj (CMO), Rajeev (CFO) and me (CEO and Creative head). All 4 of us are MBAs and mostly graduate from Delhi University.

Apart from 4 of us, Syed Arsal who is the head of User experience and Sethi Ram who takes care of smooth operations in Fuccha joined us later. We have 3 most talented authors: Surbhi Gupta who is a Journalism student , Shruti Alum of MBE and Ishita again a Journalism student . Man behind our technical support is Sushant Puri. Vikas and Siddharth Dabas helps to develop our Business as Business Development team. Besides that we have more than 10 Campus Ambassadors in DU and IPU.

Challenges faced in the start-up phase?

Since this is our first start-up, so we didn’t have any experience and had no idea about the challenges and difficulties but these are the part and parcel of life. Our biggest challenge was to arrange money as we were the students only but after arranging the money, co-ordination became the biggest challenge. Since our concept is quite new hence convincing merchants and sponsors was also the main challenge.

Revenue principles?

Basically our Revenue will come from running ads on our website, selling our merchandise, organizing small scale events, getting commission by selling old discounted stuff on our website.

How you keep abreast with the competitors?

What makes us different from the lot is our networking in most of the colleges through our ambassadors and editors and moreover we have provided a platform where they can search and find everything related to Delhi , Delhi colleges and universities in a single go with a noble message to aware our Fucchas (College Students) about evil things exist in society.

What is the role of innovation?

Innovation always plays an important role in any start up and our plan is basically supported by the innovation. It gives us an competitive advantage over others and also helps us to sustain the business and to change accordingly swiftly.

What was your first big success?

The day when students from different premium colleges approached us to become our campus journal and ambassador gave an immense joy and from that day we could see the bright future of FUCCHA. Till now we have seen success in terms of adding members on the board, increasing interest amongst the merchant and corporate houses, and approached by Angel Investor. It’s just the humble beginning .

What for future?

We have just started and Fuccha will grow more and more year after year adding more users, colleges and corporate houses. We are aiming to become the largest Event organizing company in Delhi for Youth activities supported by our online model and will take our model to PAN India .

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