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Data Analytics is one of the next big spaces for entrepreneurial activities with the evolving knowledge-based economies world-wide. ActiveCubes started with the vision to be the best in solving business problems and providing competitive advantage for their clients using the power of analytics. ActiveCubes empower their clients with the intelligence to make the best decisions. They transform data into intelligence. They do it better than anyone else because they understand the technology and processes, which enable actionable analytics. With their analytics services, ActiveCubes helps their clients to maintain the competitive edge. Rajesh Varrier, Co-founder CEO shares his story here.

Genesis of starting out

The founding-leadership team fell in place over the span of 8 months.I and Kiran started the firm in January 2007. We got started at the STPI’s incubation centre in Bangalore. We had just started and Satyan, who is a close friend and first employee of Activecubes, walked in to a 5-seater beginning of January that year. After this we hired services of a seasoned sales person based in our target market Australia. We got our first client in about 3 months time. Parallelly, we would talk to friends and like-minded people to see who would be interested in joining us, recounts Rajesh.

Challenges faced

Just like any other start-up, Activecubes also faced several challenges.It ranged from customer acquisition, creating a brand that was recognizable, attracting talent and getting funding. According to Rajesh, “These challenges will stay with us – some always and some through the growth phase.

Business Model

Today’s world is witnessing an explosion of data. Every organization is collating data about every aspect of their business. Data comes through their enterprise systems, through Internet, through social media, through data aggregators. The data is about your product, customer, competition, supplier etc.More and more companies want to understand how to use this data to understand their customers, products, competition, suppliers better. They also want to understand how to use this data to improve performance of their marketing and sales programs. These things will determine how the companies can outperform their competition and grow.This is the business we work in. We help our customers analyse and get actionable insights from ever growing mountains of data so that they can stay few steps ahead of their competition, explains Rajesh.

The competition

Rajesh believes in the power of data analytics and strategizes to use analytics/ business intelligence to understand customers better. Bringing more innovative solutions to the market is the only way to stay ahead of competition, adds Rajesh.

First big success

Our first million dollar client, says euphoric Rajesh. For a fledging start-up, it is extreme hard work and toil to get to the first client. No we did not get a million dollar client overnight or over a deal. It grew over a 10-12 month period,with a lot of effort that went towards building the trust and the business, shares emphatic Rajesh.

The future

Rajesh is optimistic about the future and says that opportunities to grow are plenty. Just for example, the advent of social media throws more data at organizations today. They create more channels for customers to express themselves,and more data for us to enrich existing analysis of customers we do for any given client, he adds.

Rajesh VarrierAbout Rajesh Varrier


A Graduate in Physics with Postgraduate Degree in Computer Engineering,Rajesh has about 16 years of IT experience working with marquee Fortune 500 companies. Prior to starting Activecubes, he was with Infosys for 6 years where he managed a large global business unit. Rajesh has extensive experience in implementing large ERP projects for global clients and provided solutions in the supply chain area. His decade long consulting experience with Fortune 5oo clients has helped him develop a very strong understanding of IT and business. His expertise ranges from guiding clients through an outsourcing strategy to evolving an IT strategy to align with business to ERP roadmap definition and implementation.

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