Simpl partners with Nicobar to enable Pay-in-3

Pay-in-3 empowers customers to shop with ease and pay later in 3 easy equal installments at no extra charge

Simpl, India’s leading 1-click checkout network, has announced a partnership with Nicobar, a popular Indian lifestyle brand with products ranging across clothing, home, and travel. This association offers Nicobar’s customers a split payment option through Simpl’s Pay-in-3 feature.

‘Pay-in-3’ is a unique offering from the Simpl product family that benefits D2C brands such as Nicobar. It comes with a host of value-added features that enable spend management while combining transparency, convenience, ease of use, and best of all, a smooth payment experience.

Simpl’s partnership with Nicobar will further strengthen its vast merchant network that currently features over 20,000 merchants across lifestyle, fashion, electronics, beauty, fitness, foods, and numerous other product categories. By offering Simpl’s Pay-in-3 as a payment option, Nicobar stands to enhance trust, convenience, and efficiency for its customers.

Commenting on the collaboration, Rohithari Rajan, CEO of Nicobar, said, “Simpl is seamless and gives our guests an added benefit, the ability to pay in installments as well as be rewarded with cashback.”

Simpl’s Pay-in-3 has been developed on 3 key pillars: smart budgeting, transparency, and convenience.

“With Pay-in-3, Nicobar’s customers can efficiently split their bill into 3 equal tranches, at no extra charges. We believe this will help strengthen the trust factor between Nicobar and their end customers,” said Nitya Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, of Simpl.

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