Serial entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneurs are a class of entrepreneurs who are more robust, more creative and more willing to take risks and challenges. Most business activities are intended for profit making. An entrepreneur willingly comes forward to accept a set of risks and challenges in the process of setting up and running a business activity. Once a business is started and stabilised, most entrepreneurs wish to settle down with it and develop it wholly assuming the complete responsibility towards the venture. In most cases, this is due to their unwillingness to take up more risks and the fear of letting the existing business down.

On the other hand, a serial entrepreneur is always willing to work with new opportunities and new paradigms. While they certainly intend to develop a given venture, they are more towards finding a number of business ventures and administering them parallel to each other.

One of the biggest challenges faced by serial entrepreneurs is the lack of reliable, qualified and efficient people to manage the businesses started already when he or she is concentrating on the other businesses and start-ups. If this part is not given due care, then the serial entrepreneur is at a great risk. Serial entrepreneurs are able to generate new ideas and experiment with newer possibilities. They generate more employment opportunities and contribute a great deal to the society and economies. In these senses they are more productive if they prove to be successful in all their ventures or maximum number of ventures. Owing to the volume of risks and challenges in front of him or her, the qualities of a serial entrepreneur are indeed appreciable.

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