National Geographic India, in collaboration with the Indian Army, celebrates this International Women’s Day with a special film ‘WOMEN OF HONOUR: Destination Army’

A film that chronicles the riveting tale of two lady cadets undergoing rigorous training at The Officers Training Academy in Chennai  

In the modern world, women have ventured and excelled across various domains of work; including the Indian Armed Forces. Today, the women of India are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in the Indian Army; upholding the honor of our country. To celebrate the strength and power of such women, National Geographic India, a brand with a rich legacy of 130+ years of powerful, in-depth, and credible storytelling, will be premiering ‘WOMEN OF HONOUR: Destination Army’ as a part of its WOMEN OF HONOUR series on International Women’s Day – March 8th at 9.00 pm. 

The 44-minute special chronicles the riveting tale of two lady cadets at the esteemed institute of Officers Training Academy, Chennai. With an aim to break society-stereotypes, the film captures how empowered women transform and transcend themselves through a rigorous process of mental, physical and weapon training, drills, tactics, intellectual development and leadership training to become Army Officers.  

“With our compelling narratives, we are always chasing the big questions, challenging beliefs and transforming the way we perceive and understand our world. Our Women’s Day special film is an exemplar of what a woman can achieve with sheer determination and perseverance, as we take viewers through the fascinating tale of two lady cadets at the training academy. We are looking to bring inspirational stories such as these, through our WOMEN OF HONOUR series and are happy that the Indian Army and the Officers Training Academy chose us to be their partners to bring this story to our audiences” said Kevin Vaz, President & Head – Infotainment, Kids & Regional Entertainment Channels, Star & Disney India  

“We started inducting women into the Army in the early 90s. Earlier there were apprehensions on whether they would be able to cope with the workload and demands of service life. Today, I can say with a lot of pride that they have risen to the occasion and have performed all their tasks exceedingly well. We have come a long way and the day is not too far off when a women officer will be a Commanding Officer of the unit; based purely on merit,” said General M. M Naravane Chief of Army Staff in the film  

‘WOMEN OF HONOUR: Destination Army’ will premiere on National Geographic at 9 pm, on March 8, 2019 

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