Naario, a Women-owned and Women-led food start-up launches ‘Badloge tabhi toh Badloge’ women empowerment campaign

Provides opportunities to women across India for micro entrepreneurship 

Naario, India’s 1st woman-led food startup that offers natural and organic products, all pioneered by women has started an initiative “Badloge tabhi to Badloge – The world changes when you change” with a mission to provide entrepreneurial support for women home-makers therebymaking a difference to the society.

Naario has launched this campaign to lead by example and take a giant step towards changing the prevalent norms. With the aim of giving back to the society, the campaign will motivate and support hundreds of home-makers. 

Anamika Pandey, Founder, Naario said, “Naario is Women-owned and Women-led, providing opportunities to women across India. We enable women to stitch together their creative talents and their desire for financial independence. At Naario, we not only democratise making good food but also give opportunity to each and every woman to create their own identity. We just started addressing these things more tangibly. We want to empower any and every woman who touches base with Naario in any way – as a consumer, as a partner, pioneer, as a part of our loving community.”

Through this campaign, Naario wishes to show everyone scars, stories, souls that are real and ones that every woman can relate to. The only difference is that the women of Naario know ki #badlogetabhitohbadloge!” 

The women who’ve been a part of Naario have seen small and big changes in their lives- something as simple as being able to travel alone to being able to afford flight tickets for their entire family. 

One of the Naario partners said, “I bought my first phone in 35 years. This is the first time ever that I bought something with my own money.”

What Naario is trying to do through this campaign and with the brand in general is giving people- especially women, the freedom of choice. To not just choose good food for them and their family but also make well rounded decisions for themselves. 

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