Meditate with the World’s Best Teachers at RoundGlass Living’s All-Day Live Event on May 21 #WorldMeditationDay

●        Experience meditation with pets, meditation for better parenting, and for children

●        Singer Sowmya Raoh to steer a chanting experience; yoga instructor Sunaina Rekhi to host a session on body positivity

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RoundGlass Living, a wellbeing app by RoundGlass, will be hosting a one of its kind 12-hour online marathon meditation event on May 21, World Meditation Day.

Bringing together the world’s best teachers on one platform, the event hopes to inspire people to meditate for their overall wellbeing as well as to educate them about the healing and transformational powers of meditation.

Starting at 7 am (Pacific Daylight Time), the event will have more than 20 meditation and wellbeing teachers and experts from across the world guiding participants in various meditation and wellness sessions such as meditation for better parenting, removing negative thoughts, optimizing performance, and even meditating with your pets! At the end of the day, you will realize that whatever wellbeing challenge you face in life, meditation can help you cope with it better.

People can join in anytime and from anywhere in the world and meditate with a global community of wellbeing seekers.

Some of the leading teachers on RoundGlass Living will be conducting the sessions, such as Nithya Shanti, Tyagi Shurjo, and Yael Shy (founder of MindfulNYU). In addition, well-known yoga teacher and digital creator Sunaina Rekhi will be hosting a session on body positivity and Bollywood singer Sowmya Raoh will be taking participants on a chanting experience.

In the run-up to the event, RoundGlass Living will also be launching a social media campaign, #iMeditate, to encourage people to share their meditation stories and experiences. The best entries will receive attractive prizes. 

To participate, please register here: (open from May 16 – 20)

Date of the event: May 21, 2022

Event Schedule:

Timing: 7 am – 7 pm (PDT) | 7.30 pm – 7.30 am (IST)

Send your meditation stories for #iMeditate campaign here:

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