Markets are not shut, they have just moved online! Atmanirbhar Bharat gets a boost with Helo Protocol

The startup is on track to an impressive transaction volume of Rs.20 crores per month in 2021

With a mission to empower 65 million MSMEs go digital in align with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to build an Atmanirbhar Bharat, a Bangalore-based startup launches ‘Helo Protocol’ – a make in India app that allows small and medium businesses go online and create their online store, accept orders, take payments and deliver the products to the customers seamlessly.

Creating websites, apps and maintaining tech is very expensive for small shops and retail stores. Moreover, small businesses heavily rely on Whatsapp, Instagram for getting customers, and have to integrate with payment gateways. They also need to manually book deliveries which is cumbersome and inconvenient. With Helo Protocol, it takes businesses just about 15mins to set up a store, integrate payment gateways and start taking orders. This easily saves business owners up to 2 hours of daily manual effort, time which they can use to expand and grow their customer base. What stands out amongst the competitors is that Helo Protocol provides full spectrum services like order taking, payment collection and integration with the local delivery service partners for smooth delivery.

The startup has also raised a seed round from IIT alumni and renowned industry experts like Deepinder Dhingra (Founder & COO –, Sachin Maheshwari (Founder & CEO – EzCred), Prakash Sangam (CEO – redBus), Vinay Shukla (CEO – LetsVenture and many others.

Mr Gagandeep Singh, Founder and CEO, Helo Protocol stated that- “Our vision is to make small businesses take ownership of their business. We want to give them all the necessary tools to be able to manage their business easily. Through this seed funding round, we are looking forward to enabling 5 lakh businesses by December 2021. We believe that small teams with big ambitions and laser sharp focus can make a very big impact on the world.”

Helo Protocol started out with a sharp focus on the F&B sector and now, after establishing a strong base in the same, they have now expanded to multiple other sectors. Currently, Helo Protocol is live in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune with well-known brands. The startup is on track to an impressive transaction volume of Rs. 20 crores per month in 2021.

The platform is also coming up with a unique feature that enables group buying wherein they are developing a proprietary AI recommendation engine that keeps learning when people are likely to order next which would help boost a lot more sales. Helo Protocol aims to become a household name when it comes to helping businesses go online.

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