Marching Sheep’s newest initiative extends support to the People with Disability

India’s leading HR Consulting firm, Marching Sheep is introducing an initiative for Persons with Disability. The campaign name will be ‘21 Marching’ and will comprise a series of conversations with People with Disability. It is an earnest effort by Marching Sheep to drive awareness about all 21 disabilities covered under the RPWD act 2016. The initiative will help people understand lived realities, challenges, constraints, societal biases, aspirations, dreams, and how these individuals have overcome hurdles to live a life of dignity and independence.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) represent 15 percent of the world’s population. Before the pandemic, challenges faced by the disabled people were innumerable. The work from home and hybrid working models can potentially provide a huge boost to the ability of people with disability to be integrated and included in the workforce, to be employed for their skills and competencies, while they work from the comfort of their homes.

The objective of Marching Sheep is to create awareness about the 21 disabilities. How communities and organisations can create opportunities and inclusive environments that make all employees feel valued and welcomed. It has been observed that disabled employees working from home during lockdown were more productive and took fewer days leave than when they were doing their jobs in the office.

Commenting on the same, Sonica Aron, Founder & Managing Partner of Marching Sheep said,” The motive of this campaign is to provide a diverse and inclusive environment where every person feels valued and included, has an opportunity to grow and thrive. We are happy to see that many individuals have come forth and joined us in this campaign to share their journeys and with this initiative we are trying to create awareness among others as well.”

The names of remarkable participants includes Alina Alam – Ally to people with Disability, Pranav Bakshi- Autism, Jigna Chanpura- Multiple Sclerosis, Siddharth Jayakumar- Cerebral Palsy, Sumit Agarwal- Cerebral Palsy, Gauri Gupta- Locomotor Disability, Ankit Rajiv Jindal – Visual impairment, Kaumudi- Visual impairment, Huafrid Billimoria- Dystonia, K Y Venkatesh – Dwarfism, Vineet Saraiwala – Visual impairment, Korok Biswas – Down Syndrome, Ranjini Ramanujam- Hearing impairment, Shaheen – Acid attack victim, Chitrasen Sahu- Locomotor Disability , Arjun Gupta – Mental illness (Clinical depression), Deepshikha – Dyslexia.

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