Lumos Labs raises US $1.1 Million in seed for a developer-centric metaverse 

The Lumos metaverse platform to provide an experiential platform with aggregated web 3.0 opportunities to learn, earn and collaborate for developers

Funding round lead by Delta Blockchain Fund, including leading global VCs including Next Web Capital, Arcanum, AG Build, Paradigm Shift, Superblock among others

Lumos Labs, previously an innovation management firm with expertise in running over 45 technology-focussed open innovation programs, today, announced the launch of a developer-centric Metaverse platform where developers can learn, earn and explore developer-centric opportunities after raising over $1.1 Million in a seed round. Having curated a strong community of 60K developers, Lumos Labs will now aim to create a unified builder identity by consolidating Web3.0 opportunities in the experiential format of a metaverse platform.

The seed round was led by Global Web3 venture fund Delta Blockchain Fund, and includes funding from leading VCs-  Superblock, Next Web Capital, Arcanum Capital, AG Build, Paradigm Shift Capital and multiple eminent angel investors from the Web3 ecosystem.

The Web3 space is driving the next wave of innovation with the Global Blockchain Market expected to grow at a rate of 45 percent to reach USD 34 billion by 2026.  The two big roadblocks that the ecosystem faces in its growth trajectory includes the availability of proficient Web3 developers and the need for an organized, chain agnostic platform to aggregate and allow developers to upskill. 

The Lumos Metaverse addresses this pertinent challenge for developers by bringing all the leading players in the Web3 ecosystem under one umbrella in the metaverse platform allowing developers to explore different opportunities from these chains and foundations,  and leverage their different programs to hone their Web3 skills. Effectively this creates a win-win for both entities in the ecosystem by building a shared community of Web3 developers to help chains and foundations with their developer relations. This metaverse creates a world where developers can interact, engage, build, and work within one holistic system.

A one of a kind developer-focused virtual platform, this world will provide an interactive and intuitive environment that enables the growth of developers and founders in the Web3 ecosystem. With this Metaverse, developers will discover various Web3 opportunities to facilitate their easy entry into blockchain technology. 

“Lumos Labs was built with a vision of bringing blockchain technology to the forefront for developers and founders and over the years, we have run multiple programs with over 40 Web3 partners while building a strong community of developers to achieve that goal. With the transition to the Metaverse, we are now striving further to strengthen and enable Web3 developers as they access several global opportunities, incentives, and knowledge on a single dedicated platform.” said Kaavya Prasad, Founder, Lumos Labs

“The Web3 space is growing exponentially and the biggest bottleneck is the lack of qualified developers across various L1 and L2ecosystems. The incredible work by Lumos Labs in identifying the imbalance in the demand and supply of developers in this ecosystem is what attracted us towards them. Delta blockchain fund is excited to join hands with Kaavya and the team as they take the leap to build a developer focussed metaverse that aims to upskill and organise this fragmented market with an unmatchable experience for developers from learning, building communities and finding their purpose with a unique experience in Lumos’s Metaverse.” Kavita Gupta, Founder, Delta Blockchain Fund added.

The Metaverse will be an interactive platform for budding developers, entrepreneurs, and Web3 firms that will facilitate authenticated developer profiles, Web3 learning and hiring opportunities and will provide frequent incentives to developers as they upgrade their skills.

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