Lumos Labs and IoTeX Hackathon India 2021 Winners Share Passion For Innovative Blockchain Solutions

IoTeX, a leading decentralized, scalable, and EVM-compatible blockchain network for real-world dApps and digital assets, announced the winners of the three-month-long, IoTeX Hackathon India 2021 launched in partnership with Lumos Labs. The top  4 solutions, Pebble DAO, PolyCraft, Neurodema, and VantaGreen will receive $2000, $1500, $1000, and $600 respectively. Along with these, Pollution Free Map Routing received an additional grant prize of $250 as well as an exclusive “MachineFi” NFT for the best idea of the Hackathon and Breezer received $200 in additional grants for successfully integrating on the IoTeX platform. The exclusive NFT, one of a limited 10K, was minted during the first live presentation of IoTeX’s MachineFi concept, a combination of Machines and Web3.

Organized by Lumos Labs, a leading technology innovation management firm,  this virtual hackathon saw over 1500+ pan-India registrations. The Hackathon successfully featured various innovative ideas across the decentralized sphere and from these, 6 creative blockchain-based solutions were selected to pitch their visions live at the IoTeX Hackathon India Demo Day. The hackathon participants had three different tracks to work from namely – data as a trigger: If-This-Then-That (IFTTT), Data-as-a-Service, and Pooled data from multiple Pebble Trackers

The Hackathon witnessed a number of revolutionary ideas for various sectors including agricultural, gaming, sustainability, automobile, anti-pollution, healthcare, and more.

“The ideas and solutions we received over the duration of the IoTeX Hackathon India 2021 have been a testimony to the intellectual prowess of Indian developer pools, further motivating us to continue providing an amalgamated platform for innovative blockchain-powered smart solutions. Our entry into India, facilitated by Lumos Labs, has been exciting and the winners of this Hackathon have given us a glimpse of the potential underneath. We look forward to organizing more such initiatives to improve the existing traditional global systems with cutting-edge technologies and futuristic visionaries.”, said Larry Pang, Head of Business Development, IoTeX

“With the IoTeX Hackathon India, we got to present a unique platform to India to explore and experiment with. Through the course of the hackathon, we aimed at providing the necessary knowledge, resources, constant support, and guidance to the developers who were excited to enter into a decentralized smart devices world. We hope that the winners of this Hackaton scale up further and achieve their objectives of optimizing different sectors. We look forward to organizing more such innovative learning experiences for the vast Indian developer pool and help them build more visionary ideas into robust solutions.”, added Kaavya Prasad, Co-founder, Lumos Labs. 

The final demo day of the Hackathon saw 6 ingenious solutions being pitched live. These 4 were selected as the winners – 

  • Pebble DAO – A blockchain-based car monitoring protocol dedicated to preventing road accidents
  • PolyCraft – A collection and crafting NFT-based gaming platform
  • Neurodema – A data collection software aimed at monitoring the movements of Alzheimer’s patients for their guardians.
  • VantaGreen – A data visualization platform to authenticate and track food manufacturers and the processes undertaken by them. 

Additionally, Pollution Free Map Routing, a blockchain-based system to monitor air quality in the atmosphere to provide a pollution-free route in the maps, was given a special mention for its visionary idea. Another solution, Breezer, an NFT Marketplace aimed at optimizing the commercial crop and medicine industries received incentives from IoTeX too for their successful integration. 

IoTeX combines secure blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable tracking and usage of data from smart devices. It is a leading decentralized network powering the future of web3 and machine economy.  IoTeX’s Pebble tracker monitors real-world data- such as light, motion, air quality, etc.- in real time. Pebble combines tamper-proof hardware and software to produce secure, verifiable data. 

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