KIWI, “Real-time Freelancing Platform” startup raises USD 2,50,000 seed round from PointOne Capital, Core91 VC, AppyHigh, and other angel investors

KIWI – a global and one-of-a-kind “Real-time Freelancing Platform” that works on an innovative approach in the freelancing and outsourcing landscape – has announced an USD 2,50,000 in seed funding from PointOne Capital, Core91 VC, AppyHigh and Angel investors. The fund raised will be used for product development and for creating an initial base of consumers and experts. 

Impressed with technopreneur Imran Ladiawala, serial entrepreneur Mishu Ahluwalia and CTO Carl Abraham – the brains behind KIWI – Mihir Jha, Managing Partner of PointOne Capital said that he is glad to be onboard the journey with the product-first thinkers who bring in rich domain insights clubbed with a tremendous amount of passion for the space. Kiwi’s talent-as-a-service platform which provides the easiest way for anyone to get micro & nano issues resolved instantly, online, and in real-time serves a largely untapped global need,” Jha added.

Shalin Shah of Core91 VC also commented “they are fascinated with platforms like KIWI that can empower millions to make a living in previously unavailable ways. Having an expert available on-demand to solve a task just when you’re googling the ‘how-to’, completely changes the game,” he exclaimed.

Explaining a bit about the platform, Imran Ladiwala, CEO and cofounder of KIWI, said “the start-up assists people in getting their issues resolved in real-time, and freelancers get their money within 60 minutes. The gig economy is growing at a massive pace and COVID-19, Ladiwala added, has propelled that growth.

More and more freelancers are moving to freelance platforms. The challenge freelancers face is sending proposals and participating in bidding wars to win clients while clients are bombarded with unclear sales pitches and ambiguous quotes. With KIWI, clients hire a freelancer who is an expert in solving their exact issue, instantaneously. Lastly, freelancers would spend more time servicing skills than preparing sales pitches or proposals,” he opined.

It’s noteworthy that KIWI has already captivated more than 5000 sign-ups from experts and completed more than 12000 jobs (in October 2020) across the world. KIWI is operating on an early revenue stage, however, it is planning to target a monthly revenue of $2Mn+ by the end of 2023, with annual revenue of $100Mn in the next five years.

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