Kerala Food Festival begins at E-Hotel

E hotel brings you the authentic flavors of Vegetarian Kerala Cuisine seasoned with rich spices cooked in traditional ways in Chennai for you to have a unique dining experience. Entrée Restaurant located at E Hotel, Express Avenue Mall, is hosting a Kerala food festival from 29th January to 31st January, 2021. The event is curated by Home Chef Anna, who is passionate about food and runs her own restaurant named ACHAYATHIS at Nungambakkam.

Patrons get to experience the best of festive Kerala with an elaborate food festival offering an assortment of delicious ethnic fare in the vegetarian variant.  Unique assortment of dishes such as KOON BIRYANI, PALAPPAM, ELA ADA, PUTTU WITH KADALA CURRY & UNNI APPAM are a part of the set menu. The signature dish PIDIYUM  KOORKKAYUM will be presented to the patrons.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Shafee Ahmed, General Manager, E Hotel, said, “At E-Hotel, it is our endeavor to create unique dining experiences for our patrons. We are happy to see the crowd slowly coming back for dine-ins. This Kerala Food Festival is one of the many food festivals we have planned. When we think of Kerala food, generally ‘Sadhya’ comes to mind. However, here instead of serving the normal items you get in sadhya, we have many unique dishes that are made in native state.  Usually all these dishes are prepared with meat. However, the unique challenge here was to adapt all those dishes with a vegetarian twist and turn.”

Sharing her thoughts, Ms Anna of ACHAYATHIS fame, said, “I was thrilled when I was asked by E-Hotel to curate a special meal for their Kerala Themed Food festival. These dishes that I have curated have all been inspired from my mother’s recipes. The dishes served in this set menu are a bit more unique than a normal sadhya.”

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