Kamdhenu Paints Launches Social Media Campaign on Protecting Exterior Walls

Initiative to drive awareness on shielding exterior walls from extreme weather conditions


Kamdhenu Paints, a manufacturer of high-quality paints & emulsion, has announced the launch of a special campaign on the company’s social media channels from 9th June to 12th June’2022. The primary objective of the campaign will be to deliver awareness on the maintenance and protection of building exteriors from the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions.

Mr Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints, said, “The rising summer temperatures and impending monsoon calls for suitable measures to mitigate their negative impact on building and other structures. Exterior walls are constantly exposed to the elements while protecting the occupants inside. Exposure to the sun and rain can cause UV degradation, colour fading, stains, dampness, algae growth and more such ill effects. Using high quality and specialized Exterior Emulsion Paint can help in protecting exterior from all these issues and help keep walls looking forever new.”

Kamdhenu Paints produces and sells general purpose decorative paints as well as specialist world-class products at affordable costs to consumers in India. Specially developed Exterior Emulsion products such as ‘Weather Supreme’ and ‘Weather Classic Max’ are at par with the best of global products and offer unparalleled protection from extreme humidity and heat, fight the side-effects of heavy rainfall, prevent the growth of Algae & Fungus on walls, alkaline & UV degradation, and more while also protecting the rich look of your walls. 

These two Exterior Emulsions also deliver benefits such as Anti- fading, Stain Resistance, High Opacity, Anti-Dust Pickup, High SRI value, etc. These properties not only protect the exterior walls from the elements, but they also maintain the lustre and quality of the paints longer to keep your exterior walls perfect.

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