Indian-led tech company Aaiena launches AI, AR-based body measurement Sizing software

This technology-based startup comes up with unique body measurement software curating accurate body size in just 4 simple steps.

In an attempt to eradicate the various hassles associated with conventional size measurement, this Indian-led tech startup company Aaiena – A unit of Sankshit Group launches body measurement software named Sizing. This novel technology is based on the latest Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to provide customers with accurate size in just four simple steps.

Customers need to create their accounts in the Aaiena platform and generate their body profiles by entering height, weight, and uploading front and side photos. Based on the information, the software employing the latest technology will curate the body size with the Midas touch.

As different brands have different sizes, the software based on dress fitting ratio (DFR model) also recommends best-fitted brand clothes with the ratings, taking into account the body measurement of the customer.


Multi-platform-based Sizing gives results in-app, website, and in-store without any human intervention. AAIENAs Sizing is not only beneficial in the apparel industry, but it also covers fitness centers.   

The unique measurement software has been devised to track and maintain body weight through effective body size estimation. Through the size measurement, the technology notifies whenever there is loss or gain in the body specifications. Accordingly, Sizing recommends exercises and diet plans to the budding fitness freaks. 

On the occasion, Sakshi Chhapolia, Founder of Aaiena said, “When it comes to taking body measurement, the traditional method of using inch tapes gives varied fluctuating results. Therefore, to avoid any discrepancy, we came up with the idea to harness technology that gives the accurate size of the person.”

In addition to measurement service, the company plans to come up with a new vertical – Ettire in the future with the concept of virtual trial technology. Thus, making this advanced technology much more feasible to its customer.

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