Hyderabad based Nutraceutical start-up, Fitday.in announces a massive expansion plan to open 50 stores by 2023 PAN India

Fitday, India’s holistic nutraceutical start-up, announced on Thursday about their plans to set up 50 brick & mortar stores pan India by 2023 with an approximate investment of INR 600 million. While simultaneously ramping up their online presence, Fitday hopes to be the ultimate solution provider for those seeking a healthy and fulfilling life.

Overall, the nutraceutical market in India is expected to see a projected growth of $18 billion by the close of 2025. To further enhance the leverage they already strategized towards, Fitday, an omni-channel nutraceutical platform is looking to strengthen its presence pan-India.

Focusing on the very idea behind Fitday, the founder, Mr. Suresh Raju said: “according to reports, the food systems in many countries do not offer adequate nutrient outputs to fulfill health and nutritional needs. Nearly half of the world’s population is malnourished. Apparently, 840 million have insufficient intakes of protein/energy, and more than two billion people consume diets that are less diverse than 30 years ago, leading to deficiencies in micronutrients. Micronutrient malnutrition also referred to as ‘hidden hunger’ now afflicts more than 40% of the world’s population.”

Elaborating on the expansion plans, Mr. Suresh Raju said: “Our main focus is to make nutrition an equitable right. What sets Fitday apart is that we have created an ecosystem combining R&D, products and services to ensure health and wellness for all.”

The parent company Genomelabs, focuses mainly on product research, formulation, manufacturing and product sales.

“Products-wise, we offer various health and nutrition products, immunity boosters, dietary supplements, to name a few, while we cater to Pediatrics, Sports Nutrition, General Health and Geriatrics,” says Mr. Raju.

At the service end of things, the advantage of Fitday is that it has various experts contributing to all aspects of health and well-being. Fitday has professionals from the sports, nutrition, holistic and medical wellness realms to help the clients gain the expert advice and additional support they seek, through the platform. With Fitday at the retail end of the whole process, they come full circle.

Mr. Suresh Raju says, “Fitday also offers fitness and nutrition consulting. We have a nutritionist at every store and also Body Mass Index (BMI) Machines at each store.

Normally, it is charged for, but we offer it free for every consultation. We also offer the services of in-house panel dieticians at our headquarters, who will curate individualized diet charts and products.”

Currently, within its short existence period alone, Fitday hosts over 1,000 nutraceutical and wellness SKUs. Fitday not only showcases products manufactured by Genomelabs but also global brands like Isopure, Nestlé and Optimum Nutrition.

Despite having launched in 2020 during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Genomelabs products alone on the Fitday platform reported INR 3 Crore in sales during the last fiscal year.

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