How To Reduce Single Use Plastic In Bathrooms

How To Reduce Single Use Plastic In Bathrooms

Reducing single-use plastic to save the environment is a comprehensive effort requiring us to work from different angles. We need to evaluate every different aspect of our life thoroughly and evolve the viable alternatives to plastic to be able to contribute our bit to the environment. Here we discuss how to minimize single-use plastic in our bathrooms.

How To Reduce Single Use Plastic In Bathrooms

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What is the bottom line?

Today you will find enough green alternatives to bath and toilet accessories like bamboo toothbrushes and refilling options. If you can work on your shopping preferences and go for greener options, reducing single-use plastic is not a distant goal.

Look for alternatives

Swapping disposable razors for a safety razor and plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush are some viable options you have in front of you. In place of bottles, you can think of bars of soaps and shampoos. Switch from cotton wool pads to reusable cleansing pads and from tampons to menstrual cups. Buy a mesh soap-saver bag and put the soap bar inside the bag. Once you wet the bag now, you can use it as an exfoliating scrub. In this way, you can also use off all the bits and pieces of soaps without wasting them as the pieces will fall inside the bag and will be used up. Konjac sponge is ideal for cleansing as it is compostable and easily bio-degradable when compared to exfoliating sponges.

Reduce waste gradually

First, use off whatever you have before you make any new purchase. Start in a simple way and change one thing at a time. Before thinking of changing something, try to ascertain how a new product will work for you. Especially when you re on a tight budget, changing gradually will be helpful. If you can first prepare the list of single-use plastic items in your bathroom and also identify the alternatives, you can change two to three items in a month. Making just a couple of swaps in a month can let you achieve your plastic reducing goal gradually.

Choose refilling options

These days, more brands are coming out with refilling options. Deodorants, liquid soaps, and shampoos come for bulk purchase which you can buy in refillable containers. Zero-waste shops provide refillable stations from which you can top up your containers. Some preparations you can make yourself which will give you quality products, environmentally friendly options and the economy of saving money.


The majority of packaging in the kitchen gets recycled while the bathroom does not get the same kind of treatment. Some brands offer packaging return options while some other companies offer the refill-repeat program. There are also somebody and hair care bars and a diverse range of packaging-free products in the market.

Join zero-waste groups

Zero-waste groups can let you learn about the local refill stores and also suggest you with the alternatives for plastic on whatever category you are looking for. Research the products before buying them. Also beware of the companies that claim they have green products but are not entirely truthful in what they say.

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